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  • TiltonRoad TiltonRoad Apr 7, 2008 04:47 Flag

    Are we satisfied??

    Here we are then... climax of another season approaching, and looks like fizzling out as usual for midlands teams, with nothing to shout about apart from local pride.

    Blues, barring a spectacular surge of success from Bolton, and looking at their final games, I wouldn't bet on their getting enough points to overhaul Blues at this late stage...so it should be still 2 West Midlands clubs as a minimum for next season.....but, and this is my view only, trying to be objective, finishing 17th means survival for next season, but that is not enough. Thankfully Mr Potato Head is gone, and we now have a quality manager, who knows a quality player, for us to hopefully compete with the middle teams next August.

    Villa, and I am not critisising here, have disappointed me. all the banter last close season, about Mr Learners bottomless pockets of cash, and the squad looks thinner than ever. This I feel is the reason for Villa running out of steam, when we, myself included felt Villa could mount a realistic assault on splitting the top 4, or get into a European spot anyway. 8th appears to be where I think Villa will finish, and with the quality of manager and spending potential, I would have been looking for more.

    Perhaps it is a fault of mine, being a Brummie, that I expect success from our teams, but am never surprised when I feel let down again, Looking at the cup finalists....Pompey and Cardiff?? Oh well, ever the optimist.....maybe one of our teams can do it next year.

    Any views??

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