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  • Even more desparation on the Everton Board. These are grown men we're talking about..yes with links in their favourites of other men

    Have a look at this...mouse over kovansdad and hey presto its cUdavbinacontender -a fake one. How desparate you two sound. No post history either....amatuers


    and then this is the best bit just look at the profile next....


    I mean what the hell are you trying to do????? Its a shambles.It now looks like youre trying to stitch youreslf up...no-one's going to make head or tail of this bulls**t. How about some football for christs sake....yer big jessy

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    • yeah noticed you on the f 1 board, i got problems with the stuff on here thought it was a board about sport.
      as you may see from my postings in sport i have some knoledge and a lot of love for competition but i aint your 185 i q so i just make my point , if im wrong tell me or better still educate me as to where im wrong. but all this shit is just nuts..

      well man u for the double..

      villa 6th. (shame) a couple of different results and we could have been 4th.

      kimi for f 1 title but i hate ferrari, cant help it just love the kimsters couldnt give one attitude

      and while i hope to be wrong noses down,,

      good things for next season

      even if mon wont spend, 18 points off baggies, stoke n hull..
      hasta luego amigo

    • Nige - no criticism in your direction apart from maybe why don't you just ignore the eejits.

      I've always found you to be a reasonable bloke who just made a bad mistake as a kid and didn't start supporting the Villa instead of that other bunch :-)

      One problem has been some of you lot rattling the cages of people on the other boards and then acting all surprised when they've come in here and done the same.

    • Graham...take up that issue with the nutter posting above me, and the one on the Spurs board....not me. I agree it was good until Christmas.....until YOUR residant nutter started harrassment games....take the issue with that idiot., not me.

    • ...................Say's the idiot hiding behind yet another false ID truVillan...hyporcrit or what?

      If youve got an issue, say it under your own ID or shut it or you could always pop into the Adam and Eve....let me know!!

    • lol mike - seems like you've been following me around.

      This board was quite good until about Christmas, then died completely and has now turned into a "Who can pretend to be who" slagging off board and it's getting on my t**ts!

    • by the way dont know why that came up ingram_mouse which is my email when it usually comes up mike i, just so you dont think im one of those multi id chaps

    • hey guys guess what i popped round some boards last night you insult one lot congratulate the others did the same the night before, guess what, and you will never believe this there are blokes and maybe even some birds talking,, no no wait for it , yes thats right football, eh can you believe that when the dull twats could just be slagging each other off,,,
      i`m sick of it went on the f1 board and they talk about motorsport,
      i advised them all to get on over to the villa board and find out what should be going on ,,not all that sporting shit

    • How does it feel to kill all the boards off? You single handedly have bored the pants off mostly all decent posters and driven them away.Your game to find out who's who has bored me to tears. All the good posters have gone. I'm off for a few months now , maybe you should give it a rest too, so ta-ra to you.

      I declare the boards dead. Are there any other decent forums out there that talk just football?. Answers on a postcard as they'll get ripped to shreads if you post it here from our resident muppet Nigel

    • AV............................NO.

      Ive been talking, piss taking, squabbling, laughing. quizzing with you and the other lads on this board, and your lot on mine for a long time, and one thing mate, we've always been on the level.....even though you lot and me are in the other camps....that is except one, for reasons only known to him.

      The root of the problem stems around that charmer, pity is he is one of your's, but he aint that bright is he? Saw through him in 10minutes. It were never me or Roy that were spamming the boards, and his latest effort proves that. Pity really, as you once said, a good poster as truvillan, but awful as morefakeid, and now the latest falsies.....hope he facks off for good,

      Call it quits bud...one to you.

    • Just so I know, am I still supposed to be truvillan?

      By the way, we've still got to back villa for 5th spot as long as we win our last two games.....

      Up the arsenal, and haway the lads. Or something.


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