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  • TiltonRoad TiltonRoad May 19, 2008 05:10 Flag

    Transfer Activity

    he wouldnt have said that if he' been in Rocky Lane in 2002....Brummies? nice bunch of people? Rocky lane?...spot the nice Brummie !!

    I often wonder if the players really care who they play for or what the end result at the end of the game is..do they earn their £30-40K an hour sorry week....?? some of them.... some of my lot...should have been arrested under the trades discription act this season...Sullivan wasnt that wrong I can tell you. Oh well, wheel in the next bunch of 'waste of spaces'.....lets get back up there. !!

    I detract a little...yes, lets get Villa into Europe, come on MoN, get them top players in...wouldnt mind seeing a few good European games at VP, especially as I dont have to pay...sometimes !!