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  • I'm getting fed up with this Barry saga now....too many quotes flying about from Liverpool and now Barry, and those quotes being manipulated by the media to stoke up the story,,,,,,come on MON sort it out asap, I want to be focusing on players coming in.


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    • Mike, no offense taken (not personally at least). If you did not want your club to succeed at the expense of others, what kind of fan would you be? But of course I will be hoping for the opposite. Not for the demise of Villa, but just make sure if you do break into the top 4, its not at the expense of my mighty reds.

    • i couldnt agree more barney,,

      what the hell is mon doing, if he was on holiday then i could understand (christ knows we all need a break) . but as far as i can see we have got rid of 3 of the smallest squad in the premiership and G B is on his way , why the hell are we not out buying now instead of being held over a barrel later as the windows gets to the end , we need to get people in and learning our ways ,

      as for G B i dont blame him , never have , but i do resent the way it has been done and now think that he has a part in that,, i can only apologise to d steer for this but in my villa loving irrational i genuinely hope that the reds of mersey side suffer an absolutely miserable season 5 / 6 in prem behind everton and whoever and early exits from all cups, im not normally that way but they started with the screwing.

    • As with all 2 for 1's you need to look at the quality of the offer and thanks but I'll stick on that one.

      Fergie did indeed nearly get the sack but he is in control and its doubtful if his sucessor will be as much in control.

      Rafa is not in control as Shankley or Paisler were and they produced teams that got people like me to like Liverpool, Rafa doesn't make me like Liverpool in fact gets me to dislike Liverpool and Barry is only part of that.

      He is Peter Kaye isn't he?

      Can you see Shankley or Paisley putting up with your Yanks? I doubt it very much.

      I think its Barry's loss if he goes to you not ours, just watch this space although MoN needs to get some signing done instead of fencing with Hanson and Shearer.

      Onwards and upwards

    • Barney, I'm not sure we'll know for a while if Rafa can live up to the accomplishments of Fergie or not. While I agree Fergie is unique and in the same mold of total manager as Shanks and Paisley, you also should remember he came within a whisker of getting sacked when he could not deliver a top half finish, let alone silverware. I believe that was after being at the helm for 5 or 6 years. So time will tell.

      But I do agree with you, that until the boardroom mess is sorted, the long-term success at Anfield will always be in doubt, no matter what great players, or managers we have at the club. Stability is key to allowing even an average manager get on with the job. Not sure if MON can reach those same levels, but so far seems to me he's doing a heck of a job, and, you do seem to have solid, patient, and wealthy ownership. Want to trade our Yanks? I'll give you a 2 for 1 special!

    • you make some very valid points but the fact is Rafa is not Fergie in any shape or way at all. Fergie is the last (except dare I say MoN and Wenger) of the real club managers like Shankley etc. Not one manager outside those three has the control that is necessary to build a club in the way of Liverpool of old.

      Sorry but whilst you are saddled with the two waring factions in the board room you are not going to make it.

    • Good point dsteer.

      In a nut shell because the 2nd half of the Dutch kicking the Wop's arses starts in a minute.

      Liverpool seemed to finish the season strongly, and for me it was because he picked a settled side far more often than he did at the start of the season.

      I hope he doesn't rest players left right and centre at the start of next season, as if he does it shows he has learned nothing.

      He picked a settled side because he needed his best 11 for the Champions league and to ensure 4th spot as Everton and a couple of others were pushing Liverpool hard at that stage. The title chance was lost with all the fucking about with team formation and personnel earlier in the season.

      Next season will see if he has learned anything?

    • Not sure if Rafa can take us to the promised land, which for me, and most Reds is winning the silverware we all crave, the league title. But I do think he's our best option, and think he's made progress in getting to where we want to be.

      Many like to spout the money spent, but the facts don't really bare that out. Last summer was a big spend by Liverpool standards, but when you look at the actual net spending, it was not huge. Both Chelsea and Man U spent more, as well as a number of other clubs in the prem. While Liverpool do spend more than many Prem teams, it is still closer in average spend to mid table teams, than it is to either Man U and Chelsea, who along with Arsenal are the main compitition at the top of the table.

      In terms of progress, I'd not discount the FA Cup and the CL win, along with good runs in the CL since Rafa has been there. But these trophies, while nice, are not the league title. On that front we still are not where we want to be, but are making progress. Some will look at third place finishes as not making the grade, and this year's 4th as a step back. But look at the points off the pace. Fact is the difference between 3rd and 4th mean nothing. Actually 2nd means nothing, other than not having to play in qualifying rounds for the CL, so place in top 4, other than first means nothing (know any players with a 2nd place league title medal?).

      But, we were 20 odd points off the pace in '06/07, and cut that to 11 points in '07/08 dispite droping from 3rd to 4th. Before Rafa came we were even further behind, so I'd say we are going in the right direction. If the same progress can be made next season, as the trend suggests, we may not win the title next season, but would be serious contendors.

      In terms of "he's had enough time" I also reject that out of hand. Not sure if your just trying to wind me up, or if you've fallen for the instant results view that seems to be in fashion with Prem chairman at the moment. Fact is with the exception of Chelsea (who had lets face it more money that sense) to win the prem you need money, a great manager, and based upon actual examples, a manager who's been in place for a while to build up a winning squad.

      Four seasons may seem like a lot to you, but look at the most successful manager in Prem history (this really hurts: SAF) and ask what did he win in his first 4 seasons in the job. Answer is a lot less than Rafa. Whether you measure by total silverware, or by league place finish, or by points total, he falls well behind Rafa on all fronts in those first years. But, once he'd got full control of the club, built up his squad (including academy graduates that defined a generation of players), and his main rivals stumbled, the rest is history.

      I'm not saying Rafa can do what SAF did, but we don't know until he's given a chance. He's accumalated silverware. He's closed the gap between us and the league leaders. And, he's assembled both a first team that looks, IMO, almost ready to challenge, as well as a winning youth team and reserve team (best not mention the win over Villa for the national reserve championship) that could provide the players for a generation at the top.

    • Good Points Kev and added to which Rafa is only window shopping because until he gets some mug to pay over the odds for Alonso, Crouch, Carson and the rest he hasn't got any money because of the war in the boardroom

    • ok dsteer just answer me this Do you honestly believe rafa is the man to take liverpool forward? his had a lot of time and money to transform the sqaud and get all the players he wants, how much progress have you actually made? ok u won a european cup, FA cup but is that enough for the time and money his had. if you brought in some one like g.taylor dont you think he could get lfc to fourth i do in fact i believe even with only an FA level 2 i could get liverpool into forth place, so why stand by him so long. Time 4 a change me thinks how about u?

    • D , baby no offence taken you took me wrong the trip down memory lane,, it was meant to be funny you know a bit of a dig ,,old friends i was going to mention hereford ronnie radford and other things but tried to keep it short, by the way you have not won a recent european cup ,,that was a knockout competition that you used to do well in, the champions league on the other hand you have won once (it is something that racks a lot of fans 5 nothing). the post i was refering to regards rat`fa and MON and the spat between them, actually mentioned the time and date of i think on sky of a rafa interview / comment predating the MON comment and it was as far as i recall authenticated.. please we are not in general so thin skinned on here that we take offence to people coming on and stating sensible opinions,,we dont have to agree,
      one thing i would suggest goes our way on price is the wierd and wonderful world of mr sepp blatter,, just in case the nutter gets his way please bear in mind MR GARETH BARRY is english, now where is that country where alonso is as common as smith, ????????????????????????????

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