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  • Not patronising dsteer ?

    By your reckoning, you don't really need him, you have better players already, at best he's only worth a place on the bench or as back up and to provide competition for the up and coming players, he's not worth the price YOU say Villa will want? Villa after all only hold his contract, and pay his wages...and a point which seems lost on you, Villa don't actually need the money...they really want to spend some of their own to build a team around Barry. ! That in itself sounds patronising...you are in my humble opinion, making a case for doing Gareth a favour, to appease Gerrard presumably who it has to be said hardly set's the world alight on the international stage. If Rafa already is so awash with quality players in the role Gareth play's in, just what is his reasoning for this? Is it the old 'if we have him, then noone else can use him' keep all the stars in one pool', seem to remember this was the philosophy of old.......buy up all the talent and keep them out of other teams hands. I would think three rejections would send a message to Rafa...Dont mess with the big boy's....you weren't that far in front of Villa at the end of last season !