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  • TiltonRoad TiltonRoad Jun 29, 2008 18:34 Flag

    Barry to the REDS

    Just read the latest post from Barry...


    Now before you lot say (as I would expect) "fack orf you Bluenose w"nker,".....I would like to add my view. He is an ungrateful towrag, who forget's just who made him. Why should MoN run after him with tempting morsels and plead with him to stay?

    I for one would do exactly what MoN is doing, ignore him and if he wants justification......show him his contract with two years left to run....then let him rot in the stiffs. A contract is a two way thing...unless you are a footballer!

    However, rant over......don't expect him to run out on Aug 9th in the first match. I expect him to being getting comfortable in his new customary role as head bench warmer at Anfield.

    Any other opinions?