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    Is this really our Barry?

    Hmm... Seems like our Mr. Captain Marvel just became the Joker.

    Anyone thinks it's his natural reaction? I think there are "puppet masters" behind the scene making use of him to get at Randy, MoN, and the rest of the Villa faithful. Wonder who them be?

    How can a nice guy for 10 years suddenly bite the hand that fed him??? Overnight I might add!

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    • The sooner he goes the better, if a fee isnt agreed on, I'd let him rot on the bench, Liverpool must think we are running a bargain basement at VP

    • my most sincere apologies for that one , i have now read up and i was wrong, it would appear that we may well be interested in mr finnan, no surprise that there is such a differing opinion on price,
      oh well on with the merry go round

    • Mike, unless Sky got it wrong, Villa put in an offer for Finnan as part of the overall deal, and is waiting for Liverpool to respond, so actually you may want him.

      As for the accent, thick and other comments. Put that one down as a one off, and leave it as we agree to disagree, as on my last post.

    • you can stick steve finnan where the sun dont shine,unless of course we enquire about him, you dont dictate to us that we should look favourably on finnan as a make wieght. guess what now we may change our minds but your used to that i guess but as of right now we dont friggin want the wanka,,

      you have gone down with your comments your posts are now designed to incite i guess that you think its funny but to be honest who is laughing at who people assume that because you guys speak with a thick accent that you think with one too. we have treated you respectfully, now we speak with thick accents also ,so dont you be making the same mistake.

    • Dan, if its a differnet choice of spelling then fine, but since posts on here also blame Rafa, and call him an unethical business man, think you can see why I thought there was a little lack of respect involved.

      As for finishing above the Reds, and still not securing CL football, your right its quite possible. Everton did give us a good race at the end, but since the points gap between us and the blues was 11 points, which also happened to be the points difference between us and the Mancs, I'll let other decide if Liverpool are more likely to fall out of the CL qualifying spot, or win the title.

      But finally, on the Barry point, think your right, maybe its best to give it a rest for a while. Alhough to be fair, I've not initiated the last few threads here, just thrown my opinions onto threads started by others who I assume are Villa fans. But besides, it looks like MON is not starting to negotiate, and while I think he's almost insultingly undervaluing Finnan as a makeweight, at least things may now be moving.

    • you're absolutely right Dan that's an end to it as far as I am concerned its now a Barry free zone.

      We appear to have signed Sidwell and MoN says he's not picking a captain yet because it might be someone already there or someone new so lets look forward to the new signings and the new season and a top 4 finish

    • As Villa fans we are entitled to offer our opinions as are you but your contention that Benchitez has acted properly is painfully wrong, This article wasn't written by a Villa fan but a reporter from the Guardian an extract reads as follows;

      O'Neill, an intelligent man, would have quickly realised as much, even if Barry's subsequent actions, most notably the decision to air his grievances in a Sunday newspaper, and Liverpool's handling of the transfer negotiations, have left him angry and frustrated. Villa supporters are also entitled to feel more than a vestige of resentment about the two issues; Barry had no need to go public with his criticism of O'Neill while Rafael Benítez might have acted with more tact at the outset.

      To read the full articale go to http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2008/jul/09/astonvilla.liverpool?gusrc=rss&feed=football

    • Just a thought, but you know anything about his agent? Yes MON wants to (and is entitled to) play hard ball over the price, and Rafa wants to do the same and get the best deal possible, but follow the money, and ask who really benefits the most from a deal being done? Quite a nice commision I recon.