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  • Barney Barney Jul 9, 2008 20:34 Flag

    Is this really our Barry?

    As Villa fans we are entitled to offer our opinions as are you but your contention that Benchitez has acted properly is painfully wrong, This article wasn't written by a Villa fan but a reporter from the Guardian an extract reads as follows;

    O'Neill, an intelligent man, would have quickly realised as much, even if Barry's subsequent actions, most notably the decision to air his grievances in a Sunday newspaper, and Liverpool's handling of the transfer negotiations, have left him angry and frustrated. Villa supporters are also entitled to feel more than a vestige of resentment about the two issues; Barry had no need to go public with his criticism of O'Neill while Rafael Benítez might have acted with more tact at the outset.

    To read the full articale go to http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2008/jul/09/astonvilla.liverpool?gusrc=rss&feed=football

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    • Just so I get this right. This whole thing is Rafa's fault because he could have been more tactful, but MON must be blameless because he's an intelligent man. Is that right?

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      • Now you are bright enough to know that is not the point the single point here is that Benchitez blew it open before the season ended and that was out of order.

        Frankly I don't care anymore whether Barry goes or stays, we have lost better players in the past and survived and in the case of Andy Gray we went on to win the league and the Euro cup players like Southgate and frends left to win things and won Henry Halls brother.

        I don't think for what its worth that Bary is worth £18m especially as you have Alonso but hey thanks anyway.

        As I have said to you before Liverpool under Benchitez are not the Liverpool we all knew and liked when they were a real team with a proper manager and board.

        I would just love to finish above you next season along with another 40000 down here.