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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jul 9, 2008 21:38 Flag

    Is this really our Barry?

    Just so I get this right. This whole thing is Rafa's fault because he could have been more tactful, but MON must be blameless because he's an intelligent man. Is that right?

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    • Now you are bright enough to know that is not the point the single point here is that Benchitez blew it open before the season ended and that was out of order.

      Frankly I don't care anymore whether Barry goes or stays, we have lost better players in the past and survived and in the case of Andy Gray we went on to win the league and the Euro cup players like Southgate and frends left to win things and won Henry Halls brother.

      I don't think for what its worth that Bary is worth £18m especially as you have Alonso but hey thanks anyway.

      As I have said to you before Liverpool under Benchitez are not the Liverpool we all knew and liked when they were a real team with a proper manager and board.

      I would just love to finish above you next season along with another 40000 down here.

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      • Barney, first thing, its Rafa Benitez. I did not say anything on the first post, as its your board, so why not let you have a rant. But got to be honest, I just see it as a respect thing. Don't expect to be given respect, when your not willing to offer it.

        On the substance however, I can conclude your statement on "blew it open" means only one of two things. Either the fact that Rafa expressed interest in Barry, or the alleged leak of the initial offer.

        If the first, I really don't see the problem. Go open the newspaper, or any football internet site, and you'll see managers at every level, in every league expressing interest in players before official bids are made. So why single Rafa out, or do you lot live in an irovy tower?

        If the latter, why do you all think it was Rafa that leaked the offer. It was MON who held the press conference saying how offended he was by the offer, and what on earth would Rafa or Liverpool get to gain by making this public. They threw out a low ball offer to hopefully get negotiations started, but going public that early is the last thing that would have helped a deal.

        IMO, while I don't know (and be honest you don't either) who went public, it seems to me only two parties would have an interest in this information going public. First the players agent, who would want to stir the pot in order to bid up the price either from Liverpool, or counter offers from other clubs, as he gets paid whoever buys, and the bigger the transfer fee, the bigger the commision. Or, Villa, who would like to show how cheap Liverpool are, and take the high ground when sticking a high valution on the player, in an attempt to keep the player at Villa Park.

        As for finishing above Liverpool, glad to see you supporting your club, all fans shoudl have ambition. But, got to tell you, a midfield anchored by Steve Sidwell, while a decent squad, is going to struggle in achieving a CL spot.