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    Forgive Barry?

    Laursen just came out asking Villa faithfuls to forgive Barry and his wanting to join Liverpool for glory which apparantly Aston Villa cannot provide, even after 10 years of loyal service.

    I think Laursen has mis-interpreted the whole issue here. It is NOT the fact Barry wants to leanve Villa for Liverpool that irks us fans, it is the MANNER in which Rafa and Barry has treated MoN and the rest of the Villa supporters that have us firing on all cylinders.

    If Barry KEPT his mouth shut, Rafa actually met Villa's valuation and NOT insulted MoN, saying we do not know how to do business, then all of this would not have happened. We are glad to have Barry leave since his heart is not here. Good for us, another British player making it at the top.

    For so many decades, Liverpool and Villa have not got much personnal rivalry until now.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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    • In this case I say never bite the hand that has FED you. I'm Villa through and through. I was to say the least upset when I heard of Barry's wanted departure. I say let him go. We don't want the likes of him at Villa park anymore. My only wish is that his England career fails, and he does'nt settle at Anfield, as he is NO LONGER welcome at Villa park. JUDAS!!!!!!!

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      • er excuse me, where did you dig this post up.
        you been on holiday girl., judas , not welcome, think you bin on the wacky baccy, those were the old days , things move on and if GB wearing a villa shirt lifts the fa cup this coming season you will shout and yell as loud as the rest of us, the boy had his head turned but the looks of it say he is a villa player get used to it. more over get behind him and the team if thats the way it is because its gonna be tough to move up the 2 places we desire and we only do it as a team, fans and players.

    • ok thanks , but after last nights load of shite i dont think europe is going to be too much of a distraction,, lol.

    • As I understand it he would not be cup tied for the Champions league, now or if he left in Jan. But if you make it into the UEFA cup, he would be cup tied from that competition.

    • i see gareth is back in training tomorrow, if he plays inter toto 2 legs and god forbid we lose is he out of champions leauge, must admit i dont know if 1 cup ties you for the other,,

    • Lets hope so.

      Any idea how much we have bid? And what would be a fair price for Bentley?

    • according to what Ince has said only one team has bid for Bentley and that's us.

      Onwards and upwards


    • Everything is connected to a Bar Bee Everything is connected to a Bar Bee Jul 15, 2008 22:46 Flag

      IF Barry does not get a transfer soon, it's gonna make Barry and Rafa look like clowns...

      One Doink and 1 dink the clown, hand in hand in perfect stupidity...

      theres 2 ways out of this, as I see it, 1 Barry moves for an agreed price OR Barry (when nobody wants him) comes out to apologise (with some excuse or something) and everything will eventually return back to normal... Hopefully...

      Afterall MoN has done for Barry, making him cub captain, steering his england career back on track, quite shock to see how Barry could've stabbed MoN in the back AND front, with knives so well hidden, even Scottie yard didn't suspect a thing...

      We'll survive with or without Barry, nobody's indispensible...

    • Oh. Just read a thread on the Spurs board hinting that a deal to get Bentley might be done any time now.

      Only gossip of course but have Villa left it too late to join the hunt?

    • I agree Stephen but logic like that does not wash in the football world.

      If you worked with a guy who wanted to break his contract and move to anoter firm then you would see it as understandable.

      With football, the fans throw their heart and soul into a club and take it very personaly if a fav player wants to leave.......It's a different and specific way of thinking.

      That said though. The problem is the way this proposed transfer was handled, right from the start with Liverpool and Rafa and now Barry, not to mention Platt and others sticking their 2 peneth in.

      Most fans would thank him for his service and wish him well but all the crap that has been spoken rubs passionate people up the wrong way.


      On a better note.

      I hear Villa are in for Bentley!

      Now that would be a step in the right direction.

      I'm not knocking the Sidwell signing but i'm not sure too many other "top" clubs were after him............Bentley though is being sought by a few top clubs and only those that are willing to pay the asking price for wage and transfer stand any chance!!!! Do we???

    • and your point is,

      as we have all said if he wants to go let him go. i dont recall anyone on here saying that if he does not move , we will be turning him over. to be honest he has stepped out of line but is a good pro and if he needs to get back in the saddle at vp, im sure he will do so very well.

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