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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jul 10, 2008 00:48 Flag

    Forgive Barry?

    Mike, like I just said on the other thread on the subject, maybe its best to let this one lie for a while. I can accept we disagree.

    I don't come on here daily, but I've not seen proof Rafa leaked anything, although plenty of opinion.

    I don't share your opinion of Rafa, but can accept if you have no respect for him. We can't please everyone, but don't be too upset when I find your lack of respect for my clubs manager a little offensive.

    As for the deal being done quickly. All I have to say is it will take as long as it takes. Just like negotiating over a house price, a stock price, or a transfer fee. If both parties are willing to negotiate, and compromise usually a deal is done, but when there is a disagreement, and one or both parties are not willing to budge, then a stalemate occurs. I'm sure both parties would like to wrap it up, so they can focus on pre-season training, but the transfer window is open for a while if needed.