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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 24, 2008 05:13 Flag

    Barry Booed by Villa fan's...........

    Difference is Dave, Ronaldo has stated that it would realise a boyhood ambition to move to Madrid.....which we can all relate too, I know I can...

    Gareth Barry slagged off MoN in the NOTW and made his own bed after Rafa openly courted him. It was MoN and AVFC which nurtured him and he repay's them like that?

    It isnt the fact he wants to go to Liverpool that upset the fan's, it is appreciated that players move on for career reason's. It was the way Barry tried to engineer the move that has annoyed the fan's

    Brummies don't forgive that easily.

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    • To be fair think there are other differences also. Yes think most (except maybe SAF) can relate to a childhood dream of playing for Madrid, but on the other hand, while Barry might have been out of line to go to the press, he was upfront with MON and the club from the very beginning, while Ronaldo is still beatin around the bush. Think we should honor honesty over sneakiness.

      But like I told Barney on the other post, I can respect the convictions of Villians if they keep booing Barry. Its actually another sign of honesty, rather than quick forgiveness just because he's a top player.

      Btw, don't let the Villians give you stick, The Carrot is a classic in my book.

    • Now come on Nigel a picture of a women is one thing but a picture of a blue nosed Carrot is over the top.