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    Barry Booed by Villa fan's...........

    Well, what did he expect?

    Cheers and adulation? I suppose he would have played better if he didn't have to keep wiping that egg off his face , though !

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    • I am really sorry that its come to this but its only his own stupidity that has brought it on himself, still a shame though after what MoN and Villa have done for him over the last 2 years.

      Still got the humble pie I could do some gravy and a few peas

    • Question for you on this subject. Been talking to Man U fans, who are convinced Ronaldo will stay at OT, and will be welcomed by the fans. Just like his behavior after the World Cup, all will be forgiven, once he starts performing on the pitch.

      Now this might be a bit of blinkered vision on the part of the Mancs, but it also might be a bit of pragmatism, as no matter how much you dislike a player, if he's that good and performing well, you don't want to unsettle him.

      So, would Villa fans do the same? If Barry does stay at Villa park, and he does give it his all, like the professional I think we all think he is, do the fans continue booing, or do they get behind him?

      I'm a Liverpool fan, but I have no idea if Rafa will offer more, or if MON will come down in price, but got to think realistically, unless we get another club in for Alonso, buying Barry is at best a 50% chance at this point. So with the odds even, how do you treat the player? Give him some stick now, but forgive eventually, or keep up the rough stuff, and risk unsettling him and his performance, if he stays?

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      • for me he deserves all he gets he could have been known as a great at villa even ifhe left us for you he should have kept it quite been a professional not slag of your boss and club he has hurt the club and how has he left rest of the players thinking that our captain slags off the manager and gets away with it he has to realise that he is no player is bigger than the club how would you feel if it was gerard slagging off liverpool and raffa for another club

      • I have already baked a good sized humble pie and Mr Barry can eat it and wish he had never listened to Gerrard or even heard of that Spaniard and by the way I disrespect him because I have no respect for him.

      • I have already baked a good sized humble pie and Mr Barry can eat it and wish he had never listened to Gerrard or even heard of that Spaniard and by the way I disrespect him because I have no respect for him.

      • Difference is Dave, Ronaldo has stated that it would realise a boyhood ambition to move to Madrid.....which we can all relate too, I know I can...

        Gareth Barry slagged off MoN in the NOTW and made his own bed after Rafa openly courted him. It was MoN and AVFC which nurtured him and he repay's them like that?

        It isnt the fact he wants to go to Liverpool that upset the fan's, it is appreciated that players move on for career reason's. It was the way Barry tried to engineer the move that has annoyed the fan's

        Brummies don't forgive that easily.

    • At the end of the day, if a player wishing to leave the club, in order progress in there career- then they should be aloud to do so, with best wishes and not be subjected to ridicule. it's a shame he wants to leave Villa will surely miss him, but he's player that can be replaced- I every faith in Martin O'Neil.

    • dont be daft tony s, dont get me wrong we all feel the same at heart ,
      question , if gareth lifts the fa cup nexxt may will you cheer or jeer, i suspect that like the rest of us you will cheer,

      my point, if we dont fix the problem now we can forget lifting trophies, put it aside now villa fans , we have to be musketeers about this, all for one and one for all,

      boo at your peril, its going to take everyone of us doing our stuff to get close to last seasons effort let alone better it.

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    • Tony, I can respect your point of view, but as neutral (although you may not see me as such as Liverpool supporter) I find the contrast between Villa fans reaction to Barry, and man u fans reaction to Ronaldo interesting. Maybe it tells more about the fans themselves being more interested in supporting the principles of the club, versus only supporting winning!

    • see what your saying bu for me he does not deserve to wear a villa shirt let alone be captain if we won a trophy a would be cheering but it would be for villa not for barry if we are going to keep him first he should not be captain as how would it reflect on the others (slag off your manager and club and just get 2 week of training and a fine which lets face it its not like he is struggling to get by) and second he should have to really work hard to get back in side id name him on bench for today