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    Barry still on his way??

    MoN has now stated that Barry could still be going to Liverpool.. Clearly Barry's agent sniff's a easy pay day could be passing him by.

    Time to get rid me think's..

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    • The two American's, Hicks and Gillette, are equal partners and owned 50% each. Although Parry as CE also has a seat on the board, so gets a vote (or veto these days!). The owners are supposed to have some kind of veto and right of first refusal if one wants to sell his shares, which is why the DIC move by Gillette a few months went south, although I'm not sure whey Hicks was unable to buy out Gillette at that time.

      With them having a rocky relationship, and the credit crunch hurting them individually, its a recipe for stalemate.

      Not sure who gave the green light on Keane, but think he and Barry were always on the radar screen for this summer. Once Rafa had sold Crouch, Riise, and a few others, he had most of the cash himself. Its hard to tell with the undisclosed fee's, and the fact that Rafa has also brought in a a bunch of kiddies, but by reconing we've actually only spent about 10M net this summer. If we did sell Alonso and or others to bring in Barry, or someone else of similar price, I think our net spending would have been well under 20M (maybe below 15M), so actually not that high for a top 4 club.

      Not sure where you got your numbers on Keane, but I heard it was 19M with possibility to rise to 21.5M depending on Liverpools postion at the end of the season. But, still a big number. Time will tell on if he's worth it, but on face value, it does seem high for a 28 year old striker. But, if he can contribute the same average he got at Spurs the last couple years, (12-15 in the league), and he also creates the partnership we are looking for with Torres, making him an even better player, then I'd say it was worth it.

      But we do still need a left sided player. If Barry is out of the frame, then its time to look elsewhere. I've heard we were interested in Albert Reina from spain, but they want 16M for him, while we don't rate him over 10M. Downing has also been rumored a target, which might be an interesting pick. Seems to run a little hot and cold for me, but could grow with more quality players around him. No idea what Southgate would demand for him. My choice would be Arda Turan. He's unproven in the prem, but I follow a bit of Turkish football, and he's impressed more than the fine performance he gave at the Euro's. He's young, and might be worth the risk, and would be much cheaper than the usual suspects quoted.

    • Who holds the majority of the shares, thats what normally decides issues, or is it 25% each or whatever, in which case , I think you will join the magic roundabout.

      Incidently, who authorised the £25M for Keane...surely that is just a little over the top?...(IMO)

      If he doesnt score 20+ this season , will it still be money well spent?

    • Actually that is the inside saga of having a club run by committee. Hate to say bad things about my club, but its getting a bit silly. Hicks veto's the sale of the club to DIC, Gillette veto's the firing of Parry, and Parry veto's the cash needed for Barry.

      Do you know any Italian players out there called Veto (or Vitto), we might actually have a chance of playing him!

    • Ok Dave....just about sum's it up. However, I hear that Rafa does think he's worth it, so the saga will continue.!

    • Perfectly right that the selling club has the right to set the price, and has no obligation to come down. But, my only point is the selling club (and its fans) should not complain if the buying club does not agree and stump up the cash. I have no idea of Barry is worth 18+, or Berbatov 25+, but if that is what they are worth to their current clubs, but not no-one else thinks so, then they won't sell.

    • I applaud both Villa and Spurs to sticking to their values they put on their players, Wenger did the same thing with Adebayor and it scared the Italians and Spanish clubs off.

      Both United and Liverpool are being hypocritical over valuations, for crying out loud the first price Rednapp was quoted for the baby giraffe (Crouch) was £16 million

    • Here's the post....

      "I must admit that I admire the way Spurs are keeping their stance on this. They want silly money for Berby and why not? He is under contract to them, why should they let him go for less. Certainly all the United supporters who thought ( incorrectly) that Ronaldo would go to Madrid also wanted United to screw Madrid. It would be completely hypocritical to blame Spurs for not doing the same.
      Its United's fault for allowing this situation to have drifted into the last 2 weeks of the window. They were completely taken off-guard by Spurs selling Keane and balancing the books, so there is now no pressure on the Spurs plc Board to sell Berby, unless they find an adequate replacement. As this increasingly looks unlikely they will stick with their position, and good luck to them. "

      Just cross our Spurs and enter Villa..........!

    • Just seen this posted on the manUre board.........

      Notice the similarity, Guy's......? Big bully tries to snatch the other lad's sweeties for less than they are worth...

      Just thought I'd mention it, the self proclaimed 'top 4' can no longer bully the other club's to part with their best players for less than the sellers club value.

      Anyway, Liverpool are a spent force, won't finish in the top 4 this year, and will have to play a load better if they are to get past Standard Liege too.

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