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    Thoughts on the Ciry Match?

    There were a couple of things that impressed me about the match, apart from those exquisite goals by Gabby.

    For the first time in years I thought we had a defence that didn't panic every time the ball came near them. Apart from a couple of bits of sloppy defending we could have had a clean sheet. Considering how often the players have played together I was quite impressed, although I think we still need a big, hardnut in the middle.

    The team didn't avoid tackles and just keep banging balls up the park. The game wasn't all that different to the Blackburn game last year when Mark Hughes showed that the players didn't have the guts for a hard game. I think MoN learnt a lesson that day and showed we can fight as well as play one touch, classy stuff.

    Man City aren't exactly Man Utd, but that was a promising start to the season and I think we have a team that can get better and better.

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    • There is no doubt that Villa are developing a mainly England side, remember those days of the England England chants during Gregory's time.

      MoN seems set on buying English players where he can and that's no bad thing as we'll attract the best youngsters on that basis because they know they'll get their chance.

      And NO Mr Steer you can't come shopping your lot have done enough damage this summer, keep Peter Kaye in Liverpool or let him back on the stage at the Bolton Empire

    • Question for you lot. What does Agbonlahor have to do to get a look in with the England Squad? Only saw the highlights from the weekend, but the lad looked lively throughout. I know he's not got the best goal tally over his career, but seems to have got the eye for goal at the moment.

      He may not be the best England have right now, but I don't understand why we are bringing Hesky back, when we should be taking the opportunitiy to blood younger players. Its not just that he might contribute to qualifying, but if he keeps up his current pace of developement, he could be prime by the time South Africa roles around.

    • I was impressed by the match and what a way to start off the season. If Villa keeps it up, they will give the top four a run for their money and also may put the kaput to Barry's going to Liverpool and bury the hatchet with O'Neill.

    • Sorry. Mis-read the posts.

      I thought you were talking about different players for the same role. The hard nut was for the defence and the general for midfield....I agree.

      Anyone in mind for the hard nut?...............Is Paul Mcgrath busy these days, his knees have had a good rest!

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      • Just wondering if Paul McGrath has a son :-)
        That's exactly what I think the defence is missing. They looked extremely well disciplined and cool (sometimes too cool), but you just feel sometimes you need a killer in the middle for the set pieces.

        I think Nige is right about Barry too - although I think (I hope) he was a bit off colour yesterday rather than dreaming of stealing hub caps. He lost a lot of tackles and that just isn't normal.

        Petrov had a great game...........unfortunately it was the Man City Petrov. Standard game as far as I can see - he didn't really do anything wrong but he didn't appear to do anything particularly right either. I often wonder if MoN simply can't admit to the fact that he got it wrong when he insisted on buying him.

        Whatever - if we'd been offered this result a month ago when we didn't have any defenders at all I'd have jumped at it.

        On Nige's point about the Holte End going quiet when the game isn't going our way - it's been that way for as long as I can remember. It always took a Gidman (yeah I am an old git) or someone to start running up the line before the crowd starts to roar. Villa fans just expect a bit more from our team than other clubs :-)

    • Just got back Graham, and have to say I was impressed at a workmanlike performance, in most area's. I thought Barry was largely missing at times, and Ashley Young , if he had scored with that shot early on in the first half with an open goal at his mercy, it would have settled the team better. Agbonlahor, was superb though and took his goals well. Shaky first 30 minutes when Man Citeh were all over them, but settled after the first goal. Still think the team needs a general in midfield. Barry certainly is not, he was at Anfield (IMO).

      Along with my 'crew', we were moved to the area between the North bank and the Man City supporters, who won my praise with the amount of noise they generated against a largely missing home support. I noticed a banner hanging between the first and second tier's on the Holte End, saying 'The Holte End- the twelth man'.....TWELTH MAN? Don't make me laugh. Until Villa went 2-1 up, the Villa fans were so quiet I thought it was the Stadium of Manchester, so loud were the 3000 Mancs supporters. Really Villa fans need to wake up and support their team, not just watch them. My opinion of course, but as a neutral, I think my opinion should count.

      Overall, good result against a team that will struggle this year.