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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Aug 19, 2008 21:08 Flag

    Thoughts on the Ciry Match?

    Question for you lot. What does Agbonlahor have to do to get a look in with the England Squad? Only saw the highlights from the weekend, but the lad looked lively throughout. I know he's not got the best goal tally over his career, but seems to have got the eye for goal at the moment.

    He may not be the best England have right now, but I don't understand why we are bringing Hesky back, when we should be taking the opportunitiy to blood younger players. Its not just that he might contribute to qualifying, but if he keeps up his current pace of developement, he could be prime by the time South Africa roles around.

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    • Dave....

      I for one can't answer this question, although I agree, he should be at least in the squad.

      Being cynical, I suppose it is because he doesnt play for man U, or Chelski...but realisticlly, I think his time will come. Anyone who considers a donkey like Heskey is international class, must need their eyes testing, surely .

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      • Used to say that West Ham were the biggest engine in developing young English tallent, and it was Chelsea and Man U who went shoping there so they got the credit for the English Internationals. But if things go as they are, that center or gravity in developing the future of the England squad, maybe shifting to the west midlands.

        Just hope Villa does not sell out to the Mancs or West Londoners, although you could let us shop once in a while!