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  • Villaman Villaman Aug 28, 2008 06:09 Flag

    Barry doesn't want to play for Villa.

    He does not want to play for us. Personally I will boo the b**stard every time he touches the ball in a Villa shirt until he f**k's off. Just because the team he wants to play for wont pay what he's worth does not make him loyal. The sooner he is out of a claret and blue shirt the happier I will be.
    Put in a Transfer request and F**k of you C**t.

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    • That was done/still being done since mid summer last year. Mike

      Think decision taken to redevelop area taken, big offer for the land occupied by Pub was accepted, and last rites given, pub demolished last year, and Hotel built, as stopover for NEC etc. Sainsbury's fcuked up, bought the land other side of the road, (where the RAC buildings were) and wanted to develop fields opposite for a car park, then found out the fields belong to Bromsgrove DC. and planning permission was refused, so had to buy more land behind. Durrrrr !! All in the name of ....progress??

      Rest of the area pretty much as you remember,

    • nige , i just google earthed it, absolutely stunned.i really am shocked. followed the road back to the old KN, when did they do all this, eff me i sound like a really old #### but i just can not believe that they needed to do that, or had i missed something regarding the area while i have been away,?

    • I am , shall we say, fairly close to the area Mike......need to know any more?

    • i cant believe this..

      every one of my fathers family males and a good many of my mothers brother played bowls at the maypole.best crown green in the area by a long way,

      gutted mate absolutely gutted

    • Not joking at all Mike. The far side of Maypole Lane (where all the white maisonettes were), all demolished and is now a massive Sainsbury's, with huge car park at the rear. The Maypole Pub, (R.I.P.) leveled an now site of a Travel-Lodge, with Subway Sandwich bar, and William Hills beneath, and alongside where the old Berkley Shopping Precinct was, flattened, soon to be the site of a large department store.

      I saw grown men weep when the Maypole was bulldozed Mike. !

    • jesus, your joking right,

      i mean ive been over her along time but some things should always , well just be.

      mike@distraught .com

    • Well Done Villaman its been a good debate that's had a good run now we can all get on with supporting our team even Nigel in any way we like.

    • Understood. Issue Closed.

    • Villaman - twice now I've tried to make it clear that I see your point but don't agree with it. I've given in my opinion well reasoned arguments as to why the majority of fans wouldn't agree with your way of handling it, but (as has everyone else) have made it clear that I respect your views and say (as has everyone else) you should do what you think is right.

      You haven't answered my comments because they don't give you a chance to throw your rattle around and slag others off for not agreeing with you.

      Now you've decided to be childish because you can't get anyone to agree with you. Fair enough, but don't use the word "debate" in the same post. A debate is a discussion with carefully reasoned arguments and opinions. You have made clear that you're not interested in a debate by simply ignoring anything that didn't agree with your own views. As for simply disagreeing with what everyone else says - I'm not interested in that sort of thing because it gives me no satisafaction whatever, although apparently it's what you get your kicks from.

      I'll support the Villa as I have through thick and thin. Why? Because I could never support another club. It's not a choice - it's in my blood. Do I have to love Gareth Barry? No. Will I support him while he's at the club and working hard for us fans? Yes.

    • ooooooo!...... a strop eh!

      So that's it, your final word (again).

      And if, Villa get into the top 4, if Villa get into the CL, with Barry still in the team, are you still going to pout, and throw your toy's out of the pram? Give your season ticket away?

      As Mike say's, it's your season ticket, do with it as you please....and boo till your heart contends while watching on SKY.....I'm sure there are 40,000 others who won't join you, who are still willing to support the CLUB, not just one man.

      Tell you what. As a Birmingham supporter, I will boo GB for you.....when I am there in the flesh. I will still pay (ok won't pay Danny!) my money, and I will still watch the team, Barry or no Barry. ........Try and watch Birmingham City Mr Mulaney ..that will give you something genuine to moan about.!

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