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  • Villaman Villaman Sep 3, 2008 03:10 Flag

    Best Starting 11? I'm now not sure

    After my negative rants of the last few days I thought I'd try a positive. After the (very welcome) of buying so many new players what do you reckon our best starting 11 now is?

    Davies (looking forward to seeing Cuellar)
    Sidwell or Barry (I'm not going start that one Again)


    Leaves a strong bench, hope it all gels soon.

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    • Defence:Still not convinced by Davies, a bit gangly, so hopefully Cuellar will do the job, otherwise the same.

      Midfield (the headache, which is a good thing):
      Milner and young for sure on the wings.
      Reo Coker has been playing out of position, give him a shot in central midfield in place of Petrov. If he is not convincing Sidwell/Petrov (better this season, still not brilliant though)
      Barry of course.

      Attack: Carew and Agbonlahor
      Give Delfonouso a run out whenever possible over Harewood.

    • I'm glad we're not arguing any more - my divorce took nearly 2 years and if I never have another argument in my life I'll be happy :-)

      Not that difficult to make a best 11 when we've only got about 12 players in the squad (joke joke - 13 really).

      I agree with (ermmmm - read the answers and can't remember who - I think Barney) - I find Reo-Coker a bit of a liability. Too many cards and rattle throwing and not enough positive action. Keeps the ball too long and loses it. Very skilled but can't channel it.

      So it's Sidwell and that bloke Barry in for me. The rest sound about the best we have. I'm still missing a decent thug in our defence to scare the sh1 out of opposition forwards :-)

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      • The reason I included Reo-coker in the midfield was his 'Thug' abilities. For a lot of years we have been a bit lightweight in the middle of the park. Just think back to the dark days when Savage et all bullied there way to some embarrasing deafeats with only the menacing Lee Hendrie!! to put up a fight !! I also think he is steadily getting better. I rate Sidwell and my feelings on Barry are well known. If he is to go in January (who knows Liverpool will probably be out of the champions league by then), then maybe we should plan without him (just being realistic not looking to provoke another argument).

    • I mostly agree except I am not that sold on Reo Coker so for me its Barry and Sidwell and no Coker. Trouble is MoN is completely sold on Coker so it will be very interesting to see his pick.

      On the positive I dreamed of 8 players in so that's shut me up with the signings and I couldn't be more pleased

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      • morning all,

        decent looking outfit as far as i am concerned. always bearing in mind that the wilf man is sitting and wanting his shirt back.
        i really would have liked one more recognized center back, but hey its not me paying the wage bill.

        sadly (not for them) , the man city thing has thrown a major spanner in the works and we have to be thinking in terms of becoming a top three to make the top four within the next 2 years i suspect..

        hope the last bit makes sense.
        im still in shock at the demise of the maypole.