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  • Villaman Villaman Sep 8, 2008 19:20 Flag

    Villa considering new Petrov deal

    I'm not suggesting for a minute that you are forcing anything on anyone and I too was merely asking questions.

    I am just curious as to why some players are always looked on more favourably thats others thats all. Petrov, it seems, will never be a good player in most Villa fans eyes, even though he has started the season well, and should be an asset in europe.

    As an aside and to reinforce the point, I was at Stoke, which was a bad day all round, but Martin Laursen in particular had a nightmare (and before anyone starts I think Martin Laursen in an excellent player). Had Zat Knight played like Laursen did at Stoke there would have been uproar. It was the same when Peter Crouch was at the club. Some players can do no wrong, some can do nothing right. For reasons I can't understand I seem to be constantly at odds with the general opinion.

    I will hold my hand up to being opinionated, and fickle etc, etc, but I believe that players at the club, giving their all, need support,

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    • You might be at odds with me over Petrov, but you're in the best of company with MoN on the matter, and I'd say MoN knows just a little bit more about football than me :-)

      I think the big problem is the small squad which means some players are playing out of position. We can't fault any of the players for effort, and the boss wouldn't stand for it.

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      • my opinion for what its worth, i dont think that petrov has settled
        he was a much better player at celtic than we have seen, but i still think that we are so under staffed that even the tea girls should get new contracts,

        i think that GB will now end his career at VP but i may be wrong on that, i seriously hope that we are planning a january assault on the transfer market as i suspect we will need the extra personal.

        just my humble opinion.