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  • Villaman Villaman Feb 25, 2009 04:34 Flag

    Why send the reserves to Moscow.

    Does anyone else see the point of toiling to get into Europe then sending a reserve side to a very 'winable' game? We were an embarrasment in Hamburg and this has the potential to be worse. What the point of entering the Intertoto?

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    • oooooooh reverting totype now are we. I'll be in the Aston Social. see you there. Glad to see you recognised the description

      ha ha ha ha. Good result at Sheffield.

    • Couldn't agree more...I'm left speechless. Why enter the intertoto in the first place. Did Martin think he could win with that team?.... If he did,... could he explain his thoughts behind it!.

    • Because we are suddenly acquiring top four chimps league syndrome.

    • I suppose it all comes down to leaving your options open at the beginning of the season. If we'd had a bad year in the league I'm sure MoN would be doing absolutely everything to try and win the UEFA cup. Normally we're knocked out of the FA cup by Man Utd. so we wouldn't expect to have got so far there either.

      I agree that Hamburg was a real embarassment and I think that was a big mistake. Part of becoming a top club is getting a reputation in Europe, and we failed miserably. If we get thrashed tonight it will be even worse as you say.

      Anyway, MoN has made it quite clear that we're after a champions league place and I think we're all agreed that we have to get that now or the season really would be a disaster. What MoN really must be thinking about now is where he's going to get about 5 world class players to ensure that we can have a serious go at the champions league.

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      • If we end up in the UEFA cup next season, try selling it to the fans to go to the games knowing a few matches later we throw the towel in.

      • I agree Graham, mostly with your last para', the midfield is the area that worries me most we don't have that player who can thread the ball through with a killer pass and that's the first team never mind the second string we are sending to Russia.

        With the exception of Sidwell I don't rate any of them I thought Salifou was going to make it at one time but he hasn't lived up to it.

        Back to the point it wasn't long ago that the FA tried to penalise teams for playing under strength teams in the cup, what we are doing is not rotation it's surrender and I think that's very bad indeed.

        However MoN's in charge he has been great for us so far and I just hope that we qualify for the CL and he signs some real quality.

        As to Chilla's Fist that would be a virtual fist would it?

    • Difficult one this one. I can understand both sides of the argument. It does seem a shame to waste all the trouble in qualifying for the uefa cup via the intertoto but then again we all want CL football next year. Just hope the villa can stay in the top 4. I say we trust our manager and trust the team he is sending out to Russia. Better not to risk any more injuries onthe plastic pitch.

      Team: guzan, L.Young, davies, knight, shorey, gardner, salifou, osbourne, sidwell, carew and delfoneso.

      lets hope these boys can step up, especially the midfield who have been far from impressive in previous rounds.