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  • Villaman Villaman Mar 5, 2009 23:31 Flag

    How to sell the Europa League to the fans?

    My my, TiptonToad you are an angry little man arn't you! Why does my opinion anger you so much.

    Yes I don't like Gareth Barry because he does not want to play for the club and will only 'resolves' to stay at the club if we qualify for the Champions League. So yes I Don't like this attitude, sue me.

    I have backed Petrov when the majority on this board were slagging him to the ground, because I think he is a good player. The press have quoted him as saying he will only stay 'If the club matches his ambitions' which I also guess means the CL. IF (and I mean if), he has said that then Yes he can F**k off too. If not then I hope he stays.

    I am angry about the whole UEFA cup debacle, and what this has to do with you I dont know, but I am exercising my right to express my opinion. I honestly think we have over achieved this year, I think a good run at the UEFA cup would have been more beneficial to the long term development of the club as we are not yet equiped for a stab at the champions league unless we plan to sign 7 or 8 internationls in the summer?

    BUT I REPEAT THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION. I have called only a couple of people pricks because they are, as they feel the need to spout bol^^cks about me (as you have done). If you expect me not to retaliate you are mistaken.

    And Finally, I was at the Stoke Game (actually with some Stoke fans from work which made it worse), but I would like to point out that you can access the Internet from a mobile phone (as I am doing now on a coffee break at work), Clearly such technology has not reached Small Heath Just yet!

    So run along son, you're boring me.

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    • Little man....??

      mmmm...6' 2 and 15.5 stone, suppose I'm not the biggest around, but there you go Villaman. Im not angry,and your opinion of that is of little consequence to me 'old fruit'. (I'll leave the childish namecalling to you)

      Of course you are entitled to your opinion, as you rightfully point out, this is what the boards are for. If you trace my posts back you will see I actually agreed with your point of view regarding the UEFA debacle. I cannot agree with you're views on Barry, his career is short and he is a gifted player. If he, like Southgate before him, doesnt think he can achieve his career aim's at Villa park, like anyone else in any walk of life, he should be able to excercise his right to move on to somewhere that suits his aims better. Obviously Southgate fell flat on his face, and maybe, like Keane, would find out that the grass isn't greener at Liverpool, but that is still no reason to condemn him. I dont see that his attitue is wrong, certainly not when I have seen him play, which I will point out is proberbly a darn sight more than a hell of alot of Villa fans !! What has it got to do with me. Alot, mate, Ive been posting herre for a long long time, just because I wear the colours of another club. whats it to you? I have been watching Villa for 30+ years,and I get to see alot of Villa matches, not that I am going to tell you. The GENUINE Villa posters on here, who know me and know what I do will know just what it has to do with me...but you, dear boy, ..............after slagging me off along with the others, go whistle mate.

      This is what you posted.actually...It doesnt sound like you are refering to just a couple to me.

      "It's not my fault that I happen to disagree with and the majority of the other pricks who post here". as in this post.


      How convienient, this new technology eh...gets you out of a hole when you are caught out bullshyting. I see it, hear it everyday. !

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      • ...and finally,

        having taken a leaf from your book i have looked through some old posts and despite the '(I'll leave the childish namecalling to you)' line I notice you have called me a t0sser and Vileman (which I actually quite like, might change my tag to that) in the last 24 hours, bit late to take the moral high ground don't you think?

        Also your vital stats show you have a BMI of 27,7 which is nudging towards Obese so watch getting too excited, it might be bad for you!

        later Liz


      • Sorry, I almost forgot, as you are such a fan of correct English and proper grammar I feel I must point out the following:-

        doesnt = doesn't
        excercise = exercise
        dont = don't
        attitue = attitude
        proberbly = probably
        herre = here
        Alot = a lot
        whats = what's

        If you are going to lob rocks chap you need to be on your toes. I can remember old posts too!!

        PS I thought Southgate was a C*nt too, and he got the reception he deserved when he returned. I wonder if Saint Gareth will get the same when he comes back in a red shirt?

        love you

      • You are clearly bigger than me, and I am rightly scared, not sure how I will sleep again!!

        I can't believe I am justifying myself to you but here goes.

        I am 43 years old and have been going to Villa Park since my dad first took me there in 1974. I am a season ticket holder but don't go to all games as I live and work in Cheshire. I leave my ticket at my parents house in Kingstanding and My dad uses it when I can't make it which is most games that are not 3pm Saturday. This suit me fine as my dad is too proud to accept a ticket from me but is happy to 'use' mine when I can't.

        Whether this passes your forensic tests I really couldn't give a F*ck, maybe this is bullSh1t, again you decide. Because I live in
        the north west I also get to see a few good away games with the lads from work (I was at everton but not city, fortunately).

        I know who I was aiming my 'Pr1cks jibe at but If I am to be analysed to this level I shall be more specific in future (trust me you were were one of them).

        I'll go and whistle then,