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  • Was it wise to put all Villa's eggs in one basket?

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    • I agree with much of what has been said here but there is nothing wrong in trying to get as much money into the club as you can, at least Randy has shown he will spend it.

      In particular I agree about Knight and Davies both have been very poor maybe Davies can make it Knight certainly wont and then there is Shorey MoN clearly doesn't rate him and when you look at our goals against only 4 clubs in the top half have conceeded more, apart from recently we have scored goals but let far too many in.

      Stoke and Boro stick in my throat both games we could have won and should have won easily but gave away 5 points, how valuable would they be now?

      Getting the money in would allow us to attract better players for a CL spot and we should get rid of Knight, Harewood, Shorey, Heskey, Gardener and maybe Davies.

      I still think we'll nick 4th it wont be all roses for Arsenal or Liverpool or for that matter Chelski so lets not lose heart yet.

    • NO it was not!

    • Sometimes the season is just a little too long.

      In hindsight, i was never in favour of chucking in the towel with the UEFA Cup but when CL football is knocking on your door............I suppose i see that MON had to try and grab one thing with both hands (but he forgot to clean the butter off 1st!).

      It's nothing but a squad thing that has let us down. Man U can try for 5 things because they can replace Rooney with Tevez,Berbatov,Ronaldo. And Carrick with Anderson,Hargreaves,Scholes,Giggs,Nani. And Rio with J Evans etc etc. Our squad is improving but obviously not to the extent that we can last a whole season without injuries etc taking their toll.

      It's the same reason that Liverpool can't do it often enough in the league. It's tough at the top and a good manager and open purse strings is the only way to get their and stay there.

      We have the manager but whilst the purse strings are not entirely shut..................There not fully open either.

      That said though. It's a business and you have to work within your capabilities or it comes back to bite you.

      Whatever happens in the next 9 games..............This season has been a pleasure.

      So in short. There is no right and wrong and i wouldn't have done it.......................But you can see why MON put all the eggs in one basket.

      The future's bright...........the future's Claret and Blue