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  • Villaman Villaman Mar 16, 2009 01:59 Flag


    NO it was not!

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    • Well i'm sure MON knows far more about the aims and goals for the club than you do Villa Man.

      Your probably the kind of guy who would say the opposite if Villa had put a strong team out in the Uefa cup and picked up 2 or 3 serious injuries!

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      • Fishyboy, you seem to be missing the concept of a message board, it is to have a debate and exchange opinions. Despite your protestations that you don't care much for my opinion your seem unable not to pass comment......Odd!

        As for the injury debate? we will never know, but the facts are irrefutable, we are out of all cups and unless we find some form soon we can kiss goodbye to the coveted CL place. Had we picked up injuries that's part of the game, surrender isn't, at least one I want to watch.

        Despite the statements from the club it is hard to believe that decisions made were football and not financially based. As Randy Leaner's money is from the MBNA bank you don't need to be a genius to work out that pennies may be a little tight. Probably explaining why only one signing in January (when other areas clearly needed strengthening), and the gamble to opt solely for the top 4, I think (and before you start fishyboy this is my opinion), unless we finish in the top four there will not be a lot of money to spend next summer and one or two will inevitably leave.

        So I agree that MON knows more than me about how to run the club (I should bloody hope so), But as I pay money to highly paid players and staff to 'Entertain' me in the name of my club I reserve the right (as a supporter) to express myself when I am not happy. I don't buy into the fishyboy model that I should blindly applaud the team and manager like some buffoon when they are not performing.

        So in summary,
        Am I happy about certain decisions? NO
        Have I enjoyed the last few games? NO
        Will it wind me up when players leave to play CL? YES
        Will I renew my season ticket? YES definitely.

        Nothing would please me more than performing in the CL, but are we ready for that? the evidence says no. We need to start winning things if we are to be taken seriously about being a big club.

        That fishyboy is what is known as an OPINION, not fact, not gospel an OPINION.