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  • So what now??? I have been an advocate of Gabby sitting down for a match. He has lost all confidence. Too late now. We need at least a win and a draw in the next three to even have a chance...yes, easier said than done. Is this saying that you have to have more foreign based players to compete...that a mostly english side can be good but not good enough. I will never throw in the towel and a good win can restore alot of the confidence that has been missing, but its also luck. Whether we like to admit or not, we have had our fair share of it this year. Injuries???small squad??? Somebody in this squad has to step up and be accountable...take the rest on his back and get them going again. We have the quality in this squad to pull this off. I think in the next few weeks we will see what players really want this. They had better or another UEFA Cup place is looking really shaky right now.

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    • Who gives a toss about the UEFA cup, it's only a micky mouse cup anyway......isn't it?
      The way we worked so hard to get into it then throw the towel in makes me think there won't be too many filling VP if we should qualify for it, I'd rather a bit of silverware over 4th spot chimps league anyday, and no I don't see the bigger picture, or maybe I just don't want to see it. It's about money short and simple, I hate the way football has gone, you have to get into the CL to be able to generate cash to buy more players to buy success, 4th place buys you a ticket into another league it don't get you silverware.