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  • Before everyone heads for the nearest bridge to jump off you should take note of the fact that Arsenal have yet to play ManU, Liverpool and Chelsea. So whilst the hill is steep it's still possible.

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    • Quite simply we need to hope to get a result against Utd (you never know) and points from all of the other games and hope Arsenal get turned over by Liverpool (more than likely), Utd (hopefully they'll get their bad spell out of their system in the game after ours) and Chelsea (who are still in the hunt).

      The season is far from over, but its hard work. Not helped by throwing 2 points away from the Stoke game.

    • well the pressure is now on for villa, 3 points behind us and if you dont get any points tomorrow or against utd, you might be 9 points behind u.. the way arsenal are playing your need to do something special to over take us now. forget arsenal geting 4th spot. they could well get 3rd spot.

    • Out of those 3 games, i would say Villa will get between 0 and 9 points!

    • no i am not a utd supporter, never have, and never will be. back to the subject. what can villa get from the liverpoo,l utd and everton games coming up. possible results could be 3 draws. but most likely, 2 loses and a draw.

    • True but you cannot ignore Everton. We can all speculate, but somebody in a Claret and Blue shirt has to step up and become
      the hero. What really upset me was not the standard of play so much VS Spurs, but the lack of any passion!!!

    • Folks, here's a disturbing stats...

      No team has ever finished in the top 4 in the history of the EPL without winning any of their last 9 matches in all competitions, Villa have failed to register a single win in their last 7 games, 2 more losses and Villa are out even before the season ends.

    • Thank God for some sanity. I had us to finish 2 points ahead of the Arse at the end of the season, I thought we would draw today in my points tally! Unless Arsenal are 6 points clear before we go into last 4 games then its gonna be proper squeaky bum time. Can someone explain to the press that Gabby isn't getting booed for not playing well, he is getting booed coz he looks like he doesn't give a f@%*.
      Worst thing to happen to Villas season other than Laursens injury was Gabby getting picked for England, he looks like he things he is Billy Bigtime.
      What do I know, anyhew lets just try and lift and go again, in the words of Dr Pepper "Whats the worst that could happen"