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  • ok it know looks like Barry will leave the club regardless of Villa's position at the end of the season.

    Who could be a possible replacement or improvement?

    Without Barry our midfield would definitely be lacking, plus if Barry leaves Petrov has stated that he may reconsider his future (uh oh villaman another one to hate) after one decent season.

    Sidwell, Osbourne, Gardner, Salifou are no where near his class. Bannan is one for the future that holds hope.
    Of course there are many obvious candidates that we would love to see at Villa Park but are unlikely.

    Which players are legimate options for next season?

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    • lightweight performance, be lucky to get a couple of million based on that game.

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      • I went to the game today with a couple of scousers from work. I have just got home having walked out after an hour disgusted and unable to take any more and much to the hilarity of the scousers around me. discouraged, disillusioned.....I could go on.

        ........... what is the point, forget 'prepared' we should put 'surrender' on the badge, especially that c*nt Barry, go and play for Liverpool boy because you are not playing for us.

        No heart, no soul, no Villa, I give up, I surrender!!

      • After that performance I'll drive him where ever he wants to go along with the rest of them I'll hire a bus.

        At 4 - 0 down why bring on Gabby and take off Heskey he should have taken Coker off for Gabby

        And Gardener at 87 mins Oh please MoN have you lost it?

    • Silly me, I pay my money and want to watch players who want to play for the club. It seems it's acceptable in todays football to publicly announce you don't want to play for the club you are contracted to. I object (and I always will), but it seems I will be vilified for my objections, que sera. (and before everyone starts, players come and go, of course they do, it's the conduct I object to. Look at Olof Mellberg, he went to a bigger club but before that he did his job, kept his mouth shut, honoured his contract, applauded the club and the fans on his way out and would be warmly recieved if he returned with his new club. Professional footballer and honourable man, see the difference?)

      The problem we now have is Barry's value, we wont get close to last summer's £18m due to the length of his contract, maybe £6 or £7 unfortunately, clearly limiting the quality of the replacement. Maybe we should look towards a swap for Alonso, that was who LFC were trying to sell last summer to raise the money, now there is a class midfielder.

      I think the Petrov issue is nothing more than his Agent playing the game for a better contract, but if he starts slagging the manager or the club then yes I will have a go at him, probably on my own again!

      I'll look forward to everyone cheering Mr Barry next season!!

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      • sorry villaman, it wasn't meant as a dig. You stick to your opinion and I respect that.

        You are right, Barry will be worth a lot less now, but I like the Man City comment. Unfortunately I think he will go to Liverpool for 10-12 million, what can we do with that money?

        lets see how he performs this afternoon, a penalty would be interesting.

        As for Petrov, this is the 1st season he has "performed" for the Villa, although I am still not convinced.

        How about giving Reo-Coker the role of Barry or Petrov, I know his delivery is not the same but he was great box to box for West Ham. Plus he looks completely p$ssed off playing at right back.

      • "Maybe we should look towards a swap for Alonso,"?

        not meant as a snide at villa but Alonso won't join a lesser club (villa), he would rather join juventus or roma where cl football is guaranteed