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    Thanks for pulling out of the UEFA Cup and completely destroying any momentum that we had. In this league there is a very fine line between confidence and on top of your game (see Liverpool today) and playing below your usual standards. What in gods name were you thinking??? this stunt has most definitely cost us a CL spot and we will struggle again for an auto UEFA bid. Its not like we have been constantly in europe for the past ten years!!! You say players are overpriced, but Randy is willing to buy them.
    Do you think Fergie, Benitez, Guus, and the Frog would do this??? I was one of the stupid bastards who went to Moscow, spending almost 1000 quid in the process...I saw that the FA would strongly consider you for the England job should it become available...I think you are a good manager who has made a really bad mistake and has taken away our confidence and that is the cardinal sin!!! Yes players play the game, but if you look up confidence in the Prem Dictionary you will see a picture of Villa for the part of the season and now just look what it has done for Fulham. Villa do not have the squad size, player skill that the other 'Foreign" clubs have but we had confidence in our own ability...now that is all shot to hell. If Villa went to Moscow with a full side and somhow came through with a win, that my friend is the best medicine for tired ailing legs.

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    • Sorry, whilst I apprecaite your pain over moscow and yes, I'd be as pissed off as you if I had gone there too, I don't know why some Villa fans have such an anti-MON feeling.

      Sure, the Moscow decision, was in hindsight a mistake (but hindsight is always 20-20), but to say that ruined the run isn't true - the bad run started a few games before Moscow anyway.

      And to suggest MON leaves is quite simply, idiotic. We were flattered to be in 4th really and we got there on a seriously good run, but a LUCKY run as well, quite simply we didn't deserve it, this is now showing.

      MON has done VERY well for Villa since he's joined us and if you said at the start of the year that we would have been challenging for 4th at the end of the season, I doubt we would have found a Villa fan who would have been anything other but happy about that.

      We have to face the harsh reality that we simply do not have the squad to sustain a top 4 challenge, we need to sort out the defence (to be fair the 4 of Young, Laursen, Cuellar and Bouma) are more than good enough, but Davis and Knight are simply not suitable to a top 4 team.

      We will get into the top 4, but as with a lot of things, it takes time to do so. We need to be active in the transfer market in the closed season and buy QUALITY players and try to hold onto Barry, although this could well be hard this year.

      But is this MON fault? No, conceeding two late goals against Stoke wasn't MON's fault. The poor results aren't his sole fault (although his persistence in playing ReoCoker at right back is defying belief).

      He's got us to 5th which is fine and as long as we get into Europe again next year, then it will be a good year.

      Next year we need to be in the top 4 though, that much is clear and hopefully we won't throw away a UEFA cup run this time due to lack of players.

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      • Steve I respect your comments but if the bad run had just started before, the UEFA Cup decision certainly put a nail in the coffin. Regarding Barry, no player will hold any club hostage and as good a player as he has been (our midfield was played off the pitch today), then let him go. Everyone is replaceable. I think MON has done a good job. Let me ask you all. Is this a Villa not able to break the top four with a small squad or is it an English predominant side being beaten by the foreign element, I think a combination of both. I really respecst that MON has gone after English players and am proud that it is the club I have always supported. You know maybe we are not as good as we think we are...maybe the press wanted someone so badly to break up the top four dominance, they champoined Villa and we went for it. I hope not because in my heart of hearts, at full strength with the defensive combination that you mentioned, I think we are a top four club. As Barry said, "big players play big in big matches"...Ashley, Davies, our whole midfield and you Gareth Barry all need to look in the mirror.