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  • So near yet................!

    Apart from the fact Man U have the innitiative again, it's horrible to see another game we can't close out for at least a point.

    Having said that,when i'm 80 i'll probably sit down and think..........it was a great goal,worthy of 3 points!....................Probably!

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    • Good Point re: the schedule...all clubs tend to ebb and flow in regards to the schedule. We, after Everton, have just come off our toughest part of the schedule, Arsenal are just starting theirs. But lets not kid ourselves, the bottom teams are desperate and will be as tough as most of the top sides. The facts still remain...Arsenal have done well, but have had an easier schedule lately...now we shall see !!!

    • Arsenal are yet to play Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea this year - that could be 9 points down the drain - sure Villa look out of it at the moment but if we beat Everton next week (which is vital) and Arsenal draw against Wigan (quite likely) the whole race for 4th spot is blown wide open again. I think you'll find there are potentially a few more twists and turns in this race yet!
      Villas run in is a lot easier on paper than the gunners.

    • "what have you done lately"

      Arsenal have gone 17 games unbeaten.

      Villa since Feb 15th: LDLLDLLLL

      Arsenal are the only team left in the Prem not to have been beaten this year.

      In fourth spot, six points ahead of you.

      You might be able to compete in the odd game, but not consitently, and in all competitions.

    • Okay...I'll ask myself...in a league that is "what have you done lately"...Okay I answered my question...

      Arsenal 0 Villa 2
      Villa 2 Arsenal 2

      So I guess we can more than compete!!!

    • you were very unlucky to walk away from that game with nothing. take consellation in the fact that Villa have been outstanding this season. its taken MoN a couple of seasons to settle in and who knows with another couple of signings you could be pushing for the title. MoN did wonders up here with celtic and every fan will be eternally grateful for what he helped achieve. show faith in him and his judgement, he as the best manager in the epl today. i think he will eventually go to Man Ure, but not until someone has been there after the purple nosed one decides to go. he will stay for another couple of seasons then move to the scum only after someone else takes over and cocks it up.
      i would love to see Villa in the champs league. i dont think you'll get there this season, but next...? who knows as long as you keep MoN.

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      • sorry frankie but villa are not good enough to play in the CL last 8 games in all competition 2 draws 6 losses common men give me a break ...champions league is for champions like it says...qed..

        You guys could not even compete in the UEFA cup which is not as tough......you don't have a team that can compete in both UEFA and EPL ?.. why the fcuk do you think you can compete in the CL?...

        Qualifying for the CL is not an achievement....ask everton...

    • MoN made poor decisions, the look on his face when Man U scored their third was a picture. MoN is overhyped. At 2-1 up with ten minutes to go with Man U attack gaining momentum youwould think you would disrupt their attacking flow with a couple of late subsituations. The Villa midfield Barry and Petrov where exhausted. I don't think MoN has ever heard of "Close Up Shop"

      Dear oh dear.MoN , what a chump, I think his thought process is burn't out, not the players.

      Oh, Sell Reo "CDoco the Clown" Coker, The guy is spinless.

    • Probably could not win either way. We win they say we beat their second team!!! Just would like to know where the midfield was in the last 15 minutes...there was Gabby and Jon up front and then there was 8 back line defenders...no shape at all.
      Please keep NRC off the pitch, co incidence or not, when he is on, bad things happen. We deserved better...can't argue with the quality of goals, but that 15 minute collapse would not have occurred if we keep our shape...we now have no choice but to win out the rest and it starts with an "easy" one VS Everton!!!