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    So Villa finished 6th place after all

    What really happened to Villa's CL dream?

    With few new faces in the summer do Villa fans think they can pip Everton to the 5th spot next season?

    What are your thoughts guys?

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    • ....and lots of people like you applauding mid table obscurity.


    • Hey thats sounds good to me, and if even sounds like your saying yeah not bad but we could do better, which every supporter can say and still be right behind their team. But hey Villaman you might not like this, with pompey, sunderland and Man city all about to spend 100s of millions we would do well to finish 7th next season lol.

    • Then we agree it is not the end of the world, but it is some distance from success. The simple facts are we cant and wont win the league anytime soon. My issue is WHY with that as a backdrop do we not bother with the other competitions? Had we given the UEFA cup a serious go and finished 6th then fair enough but the club prioritised and got it woefully wrong. I remember the league cups of 94 and 96 as good times but now it seems we are 'too big' for this and that annoys me 'cause were not.

      I watched the UEFA cup final and thought 'are these teams better than us?' and the answer was no but we had 'other priorities!'

      If this was a school report for pupil O'Neill I'd have to say, 'A steady term with a few highlights but must do better. Maybe adding a little variety to the curriculum would reap benefits, we'll review progress in 12 months.------ B- '.

    • I'm not saying we shouldn't or couldn't have done better I'm saying its not the end of the world.

      You dont have to celebrate 6th place but their were bigger spending teams that did worse,Look at tottenham and Everton did actually spend £15M ok its not £50M but they didn't finish any higher in the league than they did last year and to be fair only just pipped us to that 5th place. A couple of points difference in our favour and they would have spent £15M on lost a place in the leauge.

      Some of our player are below standerd if you want to slag off some players performances towards the end of the season feel free they get paid enough to take that. But I believe the players mentioned like Davis, Reo coker, Sidwell, Cuellar will be good squad players if you add some quality players to the first team. I may be a one man band when I say barry has not impressed me to much this season, If he is our star player where was he for the second half of the season. I also believe Petrov has had a great season, and I was never a fan of his before this season I thought he was a big waste of money but if he keeps putting in the effort and performances than ill be very impressed with him.

    • On this argument I must agree with much that Villaman has to say.

      When you look at the £50m we have spent, then you have to say on what and did they improve us? In fairness you also have to say we needed numbers and this we got but quality was decidedly lacking.

      Look at the team, Friedel, big question mark on his performance this season, Shorey, what did he do to MoN he hasn't played this season bearing in mind that Bouma was absent all year.

      Knight no where near good enough, Davies still playing like a pub player, Petrov well I blame NIgel for him winning the Player of the Year. Reo Coker not good enough, Harewood Miles off what we need. What did Sidwell do? where is he? Cuellar, probably a bit soon to write him off but on the evidence so far has a lot to do. Finally Heskey, apart from giving us all a laugh at Nigels expense on his debut he's been a waste of money.

      Onwards we need quality if Barry stays I will be delighted, who do we replace Laursen with is the main question, he is a big loss to us in every respect.

      We need quality in the centre of the park and whilst Davies thnks we could get Owen I don't think he's the player we need to sit in the treatment room most of the season, in any case he day has past.

      Overall a good show this season but I expected at Christmas to have finished higher, having gone to Everton and beaten them the way we did it's all credit to Moyes that they got 5th and a cup final to play with no money to speak of.

      My saddest day this season, Middlesboro at home I was soaked to the skin before I got into the ground and we lost maybe that's what Sidwell did?

      Alway up the villa but those of us that think we could and should have done better have a voice too.

    • Everton finished 5th with no investment and they are in an FA Cup final. Quite a bit to hold their head up about and what would they have done with £50m?
      I support the club with my money but I will not celebrate average as success, over 38 games that was what our season was, average.

    • Oh villaman Everton finished 5th last season and 5th this season should they hang there heads as well because they didn't win the league? There is a name for us the paying public, no not fans SUPPORTERS why dont you give it a try and back you team!

    • I bet your (villaman) one of these fans that think MON is crap and if we dont win the leauge then we failed. ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN ONE DAY. We did spend a lot and I think it made us a better team now we have to add a bit more this summer move us up a bit closer to the CL then next summer spend a bit more, its called building a sqaud all the best teams have to do it, some of the bigger teams do it every couple of seasons, arsenal, chelsea but the biggest man utd, how long did it take fergie to build his own team? we have some of the best young players around and the best chance of success we have had in a long time. As for 7th being good yeah it would have been but then I would expect better each season after that. If we had finished as strong as we started and made the CL you would be calling MON a god but what would have happened this season? we would have fell flat on our faces because we dont have the squad for that yet, Do you need an example? LEEDS got in the CL, oh how they doing now by the way!

    • I'm down about this season because despite a £50 Million investment last summer we finished in exactly the same position and 2 points better off than last season. If I was Randy Lerner I'd think £25 Million a point was quite expensive.

      In January when new blood was obviously required we bought Heskey whilst Arsenal Bought Arshavin, need I point out the obvious difference in class and ambition.

      6th is nowhere, 6th is nothing, if this is the extent of our ambition -- ' I was thinking 7th would be a good season !!' Then what is the point of further investment. Martin O'Neill has the easiest job in the world if bailing out of all cup competitions (because the players might get tired), and finishing in the top 8 is success. David Moyes has no money, and Everton manage to cover more ground and achieve more than we do.

      We'll be having an open top bus ride for finishing in the top half of the table next. We are either serious contenders or we are not, and all the evidence from the top of the club to the support is that we are not.

      I'll still pay my money, and I'll still turn up most weeks but I wont celebrate average as success, not now not ever.

    • Agreed, big kev. Pretty much what I think too.

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