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  • Villaman Villaman May 27, 2009 02:45 Flag

    So Villa finished 6th place after all

    I'm down about this season because despite a £50 Million investment last summer we finished in exactly the same position and 2 points better off than last season. If I was Randy Lerner I'd think £25 Million a point was quite expensive.

    In January when new blood was obviously required we bought Heskey whilst Arsenal Bought Arshavin, need I point out the obvious difference in class and ambition.

    6th is nowhere, 6th is nothing, if this is the extent of our ambition -- ' I was thinking 7th would be a good season !!' Then what is the point of further investment. Martin O'Neill has the easiest job in the world if bailing out of all cup competitions (because the players might get tired), and finishing in the top 8 is success. David Moyes has no money, and Everton manage to cover more ground and achieve more than we do.

    We'll be having an open top bus ride for finishing in the top half of the table next. We are either serious contenders or we are not, and all the evidence from the top of the club to the support is that we are not.

    I'll still pay my money, and I'll still turn up most weeks but I wont celebrate average as success, not now not ever.