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  • scoobyrunner scoobyrunner Jun 3, 2009 08:35 Flag

    a concerned villa fan

    same thing as last season. all the talk was about adding to the squad and already we have lost one of our better players and probably our best player (Laursen)

    How can we add quality to our squad with 12 mill and less money than last year made available for transfers.

    we need to replace barry with someone better or as good as him and find a back up to have some depth in the squad. Reo-coker, salifou, gardner etc simply wont cut it.

    Then we need at least 2 more defenders (actual defenders that can defend) world class like laursen.

    plus one more striker I guess coz Heskey is not good enough.

    we need at least 5 quality signings as it stands but i fear a few others may be on their way out too. 8 maybe if MON intends to give the europa league a go.

    well we can live in hope, and remember MON always leaves it until the last minute to make signings so dont expect too much too early.

    On the upside, i enjoyed most of last season and would not be dissatisfied with a similar finish but with more cup runs and a whole hearted attempt on the europa league.

    Who will take the penalties now? I always felt safe with Barry taking them.

    and finally I would love to see someone like Senna from villareal signed. great great player.

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    • LOL what position had you in mind for Samantha?

    • I love Villa but I agree that Villa have lots of work to do, and I agree that we need better defense before replacing Barry. I like Reo-coker and Petrov and I would like Salifou to get a chance to prove himself. Cuellar, Shorey and Knight are not going to cut it. I don't know who we should get...but hopefully MON and Lerner know what they are doing

    • Whether or not the paper talk is true or not just remember than whilst MoN might leave it late he also signs players that the papers haven't speculated on.

      Carew, Young (both of them) are examples.

      We need as an urgency a replacement for Laursen firstly because it was his loss that led to our downturn, then a replacement for Barry and I agree that Big head Bentley or thinks he's better than he is Huddleston aren't the players to replace Barry.

      As to Janus MoN isn't that daft, now if you were talking Samantha Janus I would go for that!

    • I can see your worries
      but I think reo-coker is a tad underrated and he might just comeinto his own
      But Agree 100% that since Martin was injured and has sadly had to retire we have suffered badly you only have to look at the stats they showed on setant it was shocking reading with then without Martin.
      I feel his lost in Jan was the soul reason we did not finnish higher the win /loss ratio is quite plain to see
      Curtis davis just does not cut the mustard for me and neither do the rest.
      But where to you get another Martin and we have not got much funds again learner is turning into another Doug tightwad Ellis
      But if we buy nothing else we need at least one decent defender who can galvanise the rest of em into action