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    La Liga Has Edge Over Premiership

    Given the champions league debacle and the performance of the international squads, the La Liga definitely seems to have the edge over the Premiership currently. The Spain and Netherlands internationals mostly ply their trade in the La Liga.


    (last month's positions in brackets)

    1. (1) Spain

    2. (3) Netherlands

    3. (2) Germany

    4. (5) Italy

    5. (4) Brazil

    6. (7) England

    7. (6) Argentina

    8. (8) Croatia

    9. (9) Russia

    10. (10) France

    11. (11) Portugal

    12. (14) Turkey

    13. (17) Paraguay

    14. (15) United States

    15. (12) Czech Republic

    16. (18) Switzerland

    17 = (13) Greece

    17 = (16) Uruguay

    19. (22) Ukraine

    20. (23) Serbia

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    • With the Fulham thrashing of United, it appears to me that your league is undergoing a transformation from a two-horse BOREFEST to an actual, exciting football league that can now compete with La Liga in terms of entertainment value over a full season. It still has a ways to go to eclipse the La Liga, however, since the top 7 Ballon D'Or players are/were La Liga players:

      Rank Player Nationality Club Points
      1 Lionel Messi Argentina Barcelona 473
      2 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Manchester United
      Real Madrid 233
      3 Xavi Spain Barcelona 170
      4 Andrés Iniesta Spain Barcelona 149
      5 Samuel Eto'o Cameroon Barcelona
      Internazionale 75
      6 Kaká Brazil Milan
      Real Madrid 58
      7 Zlatan Ibrahimović Sweden Internazionale
      Barcelona 50
      8 Wayne Rooney England Manchester United 35
      9 Steven Gerrard England Liverpool 33
      10 Didier Drogba Côte d'Ivoire Chelsea 32

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      • how in the name of christ can you promote la liga,

        and in the same breath call the E P L a 2 horse borefest.

        bet you think shergar was just another nag hey.

        villa til i die.

      • Really don't see how you can use this Ballon D'or list to make your point that La Liga is the best league in the world as 4 of the players all play/played for the same club, surely this just proves what we all know Barcelona were/are the best team in the world, Kaka and Ibra both joined from Serie A in the summer and Ronaldo left the Premiership so that leaves 3 players from DIFFERENT english league clubs in the top 10. So really all you've pointed out is that barcelona have great players, wow that must of taken a lot of working out.