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  • Blueskies Blueskies Jun 9, 2009 15:43 Flag

    Villa in for Owen

    He's reported to be on 124 grand per week at Newcastle. Might be able to do part -time job for Villa if they can gets his wage down from a less obscene level.

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    • If the guy has the motivation and is anywhere near fit you'll be raving about him after he's bagged 6 in his first 10 games.

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      • That is more or less agreed !!
        but how can you keep a chap fit who has become blighted by injuries due to THE LACK OF CARE taken of him when he was younger.
        I do not think this thread would be written if Owen had been fitter this last 2 years Clubs would be clamouring over one another for him to sign, but sadly this is not the case and he has now to send out marketing materials to remind folk of what he was very very sad for a chap only 28 yrs old in what should be the prime of his career

        I feel most of the clubs know what sort of injuries he has had and how they effect things he has also lost at least 2 yrds of pace and it is that pace thet got him into the situations for him to score his goals.
        so as i have said many times he needs to 1) take a drastic pay cut 2) be paid per game
        That is if he still fells the desire to make his mark in the prem which a fit owen could very easily do its just a question of 1) getting him fit and 2) keeping him fit
        do you keep him for the prem and rest him all other games? how do you keep the chap fit that is the 64 million dollar question