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    Carlos Tevez


    I heard on radio 5 this morning that Tevez wanted to join a Premier League Club which has ambition to win the Premier League and has a rich history - why not us? We need a bit more flair and unpredictability.

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    • Just like Mr Barry then. They'll make good team mates.

    • Tevez will go to the club that offers him the most money..........No other reason will be a factor (IMO).

      Wether that's down to him or his pimp of an agent Kia Jorabchian, i don't know.......But the bottom line is cash. Hence why Villa will not be one of those clubs seriously chacing him.

    • alex i was one of a very rare breed, i did not want mr ellis to leave.
      there is one major difference between the ellis villa and the learner villa. the first was debt free.
      as for deadly being a tight wad, i would say that he backed his managers and was maybe too loyal to them. but he did generally give them the money that they asked for.
      as for the l man i am wondering if MON is the problem.
      does he know how to spend the money,?
      oh well we have a while, lets not get too down let us see how it develops.

      villa till i die

    • I am sad to say beginning to fear also i fear we swapped one tight wad for another
      Ellis and learner cut for the same tight woven cloth i fear Not a decent big big signing since he took over from deadly

    • well i need to revise my numbers as i have just read that we have now let stuart taylor go.
      he may have been far from 1st choice but it is another player that we have let go without a replacement.

      think that i will become an effin pessimist.
      top 10 oh well maybe.

    • I think that you are premature in your 4th place for Citeh, better managers than Hughes have tried and failed before and just because you're mug enough to pay over the odds for your players doesn't mean that you'll win anything.

      Moyles and MoN are the managers to watch not Hughes or even 'Arry down at WHL, provided MoN gets over this need to sign duffers like Knight and Harewood we'll be fine IF he signs a class Centre half, a midfileder who can pass the ball and three or four others to strengthen the team.

      As far as the likes of Heskey are concerned lets just be thankful that Lennon and Savage have retired

    • Finishing 6th will be a long and distant memory by Christmas, City will be challenging hard for 4th as will Tottenham and Everton (who finished above us with a number of thier senior players missing through injury, throw Arteta, Yakubu, Jagielka, Saha in for a full season and watch them go). West ham are improving as are Fulham.

      I'll accept being a pessimist but I'm finding little room for optimism. Of course the good thing about pessimism is that you are either proved right or are pleasantly surprised.

      I fear the worst.

      PS I think Tevez is overated, he was shocking at Villa park last season. Ferguson is no mug and thats why he wont pay the money.

    • morning folks,
      my comments regarding Mr Tevez, were simply an answer to alex and her comment that villa were too good for him,

      if you read other threads you will see that i have said consistantly that it in defence that we need to spend big big money. we have not (in my opinion) replaced melberg, let alone martin l and unless we are sure that the wilf man cometh (so to say) then we need to sort that out as well. i have little faith in davis or knight and am frankly bewildered by mon and his constant failure to get stuck in to the transfer market.

      we need players and not for the youth team. the way i see things right now is that if we pick up 5 quality players we will be treading water. less than that and m city are nicking 6th, ideal situation is 8 to 10 new signings but we need them now so they can start to work together.

      oh well i live in hope,

    • The actual reality is simple, for the first two thirds of the season we did all things well. in the last third (13 games) two things happened

      1. Martin Laursen got injured and we stopped defending. The quality of the other central defenders at the club is questionable at best. We conceeded 24 Goals in 13 games. That projected over a full season would give us the worst defence in the table. RELEGATION FORM.

      2. We are one dimensional and we got worked out. Everything is chanelled through Ashley Young or a dead ball. Teams started to double mark Young and push up the field at dead ball situations vastly reducing the effectivity of both. The rest of the Midfield (including St Gareth) offered little in the way of creativity so the goals dried up. 14 goals in 13 games, not quite the worst in the league but on a par with Newcastle and Bolton but coupled with our defensive record again it is RELEGATION FORM.

      This leads to the conclusion that 11 points from a third of the season is a disaster on any level, we have lost our best two players and we show no sign of competing in the transfer market. RELEGATION FORM

      Every day we are only mentioned in the gossip columns for players leaving, Reo-Coker to Tottenham, Young to anywhere, Gardner to Hull, Carew to Galatasary, etc, etc, etc, We look like signing Micheal Owen and Matt Upson!!

      I agree we need a big name signing to show our intent, we need to keep players at the club or we will be in this perpetual 'our squad's too small' winge that means we can't enter domestic or European Cup competitions. I am very concerned that we are doing nothing to address the glaring issues of the end of last season if fact we are currently making them worse.

      Martin my old son you need to pull your finger out because if we start next season like we finished last then you will find yourself under an enormous amount of pressure and the last thing this club needs is to be looking for a manager at christmas.

    • what flair has tevez then? and also how is he unpredictable?
      he has a very poor goal per game ratio at Man u and whatever you think of them they do create loads of chances, he also had a very bad first touch and an inability to pass the ball to his own team half the time at least.
      so i can think of 25 million reasons for it no being Villa where he ends up

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