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  • WARNDON ZULU WARNDON ZULU Aug 31, 2009 03:00 Flag

    Easy win for Villa over Fulham

    well just got back from villa v fulham game and saw these headlines "Easy win for Villa over Fulham".i can't belive how crap the villa were and fulham were that bad they made villa look ok.lucky own goal to start with but i must give gabby credit it took his goal well..very shocked to see how slow gabby as became.fulhams midfield were boring..glad i did not have to pay to watch it company freebie..

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    • warndon,
      the worry for you should be,
      that we were crap against wigan,
      crap against the fat waiters liverfool,
      and we were crap against those soft southern cottagers (which i thought was a criminal offense). and yet we are 8th, 2 points clear of your lot with a game in hand.


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      • Am I sick of Yahoo or what? Every time I go to post a piss take or a wind up, out of you lot, my curser jumps around like a deranged head case, because of that damn ad on the right asking me to draw a car, or I get told the thread is deleted or ID is empty..........................................and when I get through... the wind doesn't seem worth it or funny any more.

        Oh Well, Villa to win on the 13th...that's funny enough at the moment ! Ho Ho Ho. I know...I'm a comedian. !