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  • mouse mouse Sep 22, 2009 21:52 Flag

    an apology

    dear mon,
    it would appear that after my rant and demand for your immediate dismissal following the opening game against wigan, an apology may be in order. so in light of the results since the wigan game , i am sorry for my demands.

    now on to the reo-coker situation, it would appear martin, that you have dealt with an incident that you will not tell us about, in a way that we dont need to know, and with consequences that are none of our business. well how bored am i, MARTIN, MATE. its our fuc kin club, we have a right to know.

    all this bloody secrecy is the cause of the problems , dont tell us the fans anything , dont explain why we dont buy players until the deadline, dont explain what is happening at the club. dont tell us why you and one of our better players are having a punch up, dont tell us if it was a punch up,

    on the other hand just let us in ,share a little , get us onside, you never know it may be fun. please.

    villa til i die

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    • Resisting temptation is truly one of life's virtues. I personally shall throw myself at the feet of fate and seek my fortune.

      Apathetic 'til I.....Whatever!

    • tempted, hmm. but nah , i will leave it to fate.

      villa til i die.

    • A Shocking attempt .....Tut Tut Tut

      I think your work needs marking.

      (No Capital) keep telling you i (No capital) aint (No apostrophe) getting into it (Space not required). (No capital) but look back over your posts your (think you mean't, you're) the dick shit that put tw@t. (unnecessary profanity) (No capital) numb nut as for the tigers(Shocking grammer) i(No capital) lived in rugby(Proper Noun requires a capital) for a long time and it was a quick run up the m(No capital)1. (No Capital) now off to where ever your(I'm sure you mean't you're) going (I'm sure there should have been a full stop there, but poor grammer all the same) , some kin villa fan hey.
      some kin villa fan hey??????
      (In some primeval world I'm sure this makes sense but not in ths astral plane)!!

      villa til i die , where ever i live

      Illiterate till I Dye!! (and that is irony before you point it out!)

    • ....and replies in English would be better.

    • ..and thats ignoring me,


    • keep telling you i aint getting into it . but look back over your posts your the dick shit that put tw@t. numb nut as for the tigers i lived in rugby for a long time and it was a quick run up the m1. now off to where ever your going , some kin villa fan hey.

      villa til i die , where ever i live.

    • Yes Nige, I am aware, I'll be honest I was never a massive fan but used to go a few times a season to the Reddings, love the game and try to get to Twickenham when I can ponce a ticket or two.I must make the effort to go to Billesley at somepoint but Brum is feeling less and less like home with every passing year and that is part of the problem with going to Villa park. I am off to Goodison on the 31st with a few lads from work and that will be myf irst game this season. I'm steadily losing interest if I'm honest.

    • Moseley RC...

      Are you aware they have movd from 'The Reddings' John?

      They now have a new stadium on Billesley Common, near Kings Heath.

    • I'd guess mighty boy has never been near Leicester in his life. There'll be another fantasy story in there somewhere and I'll get get called an idiot or a 'trademarked tw@' but Ho Hum.

    • We are right in the middle of 'League' territory so I'll give you that one. Not the best of seasons either but it is different (good different). Still a Moseley boy at heart, good to see them back on the up. Fair play to them.

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