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  • Pikey Pikey Jan 28, 2010 17:40 Flag

    Whinging Wenger

    WTF does Arsole Whinger have against this fine city?
    He moaned when Birmingham fans chanted for Martin Taylor at the Emirates and last night complained about Villa's "long ball" tactics.
    Now whether you play long ball, short ball or 'kick em hard' style should make no difference.
    It sounds like sour grapes.
    Fair play to MON for pointing out how their full backs were given the run-around by attacking wingers. Hard to do if the ball is the air....

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    • Despite being a Blue through and through, and Villa are , and will always be "Them from B6"..

      I always love it when Im working there, and the Holte (Occasionally) break into song with "John Carew, Carew, He's bigger than me, and you, That's John Carew Carew " or words to that effect.

      Never hear em sing about Heskey though.Why not ?

    • Nail him to one though. Much easier.

      I feel sorry for him really. MoN and the England manager believe in him but nobody else does, including Heskey himself.

    • Put in a cross to find Heskey...?


      Nope, can't find him.....

    • I expected it to be fair, for all the 15 games unbeaten, and accolades, the Blues team are still being built, and have so done very well. Chelsea, are without doubt a very very good side, and a draw would have been exceptional. I don't think we did anything wrong, just well beaten by a n excellant side on the day. Now if we start losing against teams like Hull, Blackburn, ..those sort of sides, I shall worry, but as long as we keep the effort up, sure we'll be there to haunt you lot next season too.

    • Yep - Wenger's just talking a load of (long) balls.

      I'm surprised MoN even commented on it. Wenger is an arrogant git who always looks for someone else to blame or criticise when things don't go his way.

      Everybody knows how good the Villa are at running at defenders. We just have to start putting it in the net more.

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      • i really do wish that people actually read the full interview instead of listening to the medias view
        this is what wenger actaully said

        "They play a very efficient English game,� with long balls and it is very physical. They are a� good side at counter attacking. When we took the gamble� to go forward and they won the ball, they are quick and� that is why it was always us managing to create chances� and score, or them catching us on the counter attack or� playing on Agbonlahor or Heskey with long� balls."

        "I wish them to have a good run now� because they are quality. They are well-organised and� have a strong spirit. They are very strong physically� and the four in midfield do not stop running and all� these players can score goals, so they have a chance. I� think they have a very good chance but you have seven� teams for four places."

        so he wasnt calling villa a long ball side he was saying that you use long balls effectively and he was actually very complimentary to villa but as usual people only read the headlines and not the full story
        maybe o'neil should have listened to the full interview and not the medias rehashed version

      • PG....scoring is a problem I agree. That's quite some time without scoring in the league. Although MON was quite laid back about it in his interview (to protect the forwards I believe) surely he must be looking for a 'finisher' in the window. If we can't covert a few more chances....especially at home, it's only position 5 to 8 I'm afraid.


    • Totally agree pikey....this man had steadily lost my respect over the last few years with his coments, but last night took the biscuit. His 'Gooner Goggles' are making him the laughing stock of everyone outside North London. Maybe he is losing the plot more and more, as the time since he won a trophy increases. Long may it continue whilst he continues to talk nonsense.