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  • Dan D Dan D Feb 8, 2010 23:22 Flag

    Lack of goals

    Ok....I'm getting worried now......no not the noses...I mean our lack of goals. From my reckoning we have scored 2 goals in the last 6 Premier games (and those 2 came in a five minute purple patch at Fulham. That simply is not good enough to make the next step. OK I feel better now I have got that off my chest. I need the 'glass half full' brigade to cheer me up!


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    • Not really my place to offer an opinion but if you look at it like this.
      Looking at the last 17 games of which 15 are unbeaten and scoring 31 goals.
      Includes away win at Old Trafford. Draw at Spurs and holding Whinging Wenger's side.
      Not bad...not bad at all.
      Feeling better Dan? Good.
      Now, about about them 'noses.....

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      • terribly sorry to agree with you dan, but we have the best defense in the prem. we have beaten liverfool man u chelsea. and yet we are 17 points off the top after 24 games.
        WE NEED GOALS.
        i did not see the whole game at the weekend but what i did see spurs battered us, the defence again did its job, we have 1 of the fastest attacks in World football and yet we are lacking the goals that would have taken us into europe. imho

        villa til idie.