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  • A very good game for the neutral...
    Well, I was a bit neutral anyway.
    You will have to cope with the man-to-man in the replay.
    What a screamer from the free kick! Was Friedel at fault maybe? (Like Hart for Derby's goal)
    the replay.....the replay....hope it's on TV..
    It's definitely edge of the seat stuff being a vilan this season, that's for sure...
    All the best

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    • Yep...a really good game....that probably had the right result. That free kick was a screamer and would have been a worthy winning goal in all honesty. Having said that we battled well and never gave up I thought. What was Brad Snr. doing for their first goal though?

      Villa v Blues Semi??? you never know:-)


    • From a football point of view, it was indeed a good game.

      Coming from behind ((Ohhh matron!)), always means that we are pleased to still be in the cup, but i thought we had the chances to win it.

      Warnock never ceases to amaze me with his winging. This time about the corner that lead to our goal. he said he hopes the Referee is suspended over the decision!!!!

      I'm sure there are many decisions that should go one way but go another in every match......But N warnock is a winging pratt