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  • You were robbed.
    Utd should never have been allowed to get into the game.
    No wonder it was O'Dowds first big final.
    Should be his last, too.
    Bad luck, guys.
    The SAF factor strikes again in the hearts o EPL officials..

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    • I think Carew should have been on earlier but no use having inquests, we were second best lets move on, bring on the FA cup.

    • As a Villa Fan I have to say that the game was there for the taking and the boys failed to take it.
      Not enough shots on target , not enough pace turning defenders, at times they were pedestrian when on a slippy surface Young Downing and Gabby should have been giving them the run around.

      Whilst I think Vidic should have been sent off. Ten minutes later into the game he probably would have been

    • We can't complain. We know we need a striker or 2 and today made it even more obvious than usual.

      I'm just glad we put on a good show.

      Still gutted though :-(

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      • Not so sure we were robbed because we seemed to lack the cutting edge anyway. You have to see for what it is. In my opinion the Ref bottled it...not sending Vidic off, because I think he thought it was too early in the game. This is clearly wrong!!! A rule is a rule.

        Anyway my particular gripe is one I've mentioned before...Cuellar is not a Right Back....pure and simple! Don't get me wrong I think he is great..as a Centre Half though. As an attacking defender he looks like a fish out of water on the overlap. Too many times he was loping back to defend. And for the second goal he clearly lost Rooney as he started to drift into the centre and left him free. Anyone else think that MON is trying to keep him happy?

        Can't question the effort boys...magnificent...just came up short.