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  • oneil lost villa that game with his choice of the useless heskey.instead of carew.when will oneil learn heskey is finished but oneil cant or wont admit it.oneils been a joke in the transfer market where quality proven prem goalscorers are concerned.oneils happy and in his comfort zone with average players.under oneil villa will never be a top four club.

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    • heskey plays his role well , better than young and downing do at present.

      how much do you have to pay for a top striker?

      how much would torres drogba or rooney cost ?

      i agree though we havnt yet got a top four team until young and downing perform.

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      • It comes down to the discussions we had last season. Do Villa have the ambition to be a really top club (I hate the "big 4" label), or are we satisified to be a great team that might with a bit of luck occasionally get into the Champions League?

        With a player like Heskey we are never going to be a top club. The only thing he does for the club at the moment is get us some well placed free kicks. I have to disagree that he does his job better than Ashley Young but I'm still not 100% convinced about Downing. Let's hope he improves and can become as good as Millner say.

        In my opinion we need 2 top strikers, and with the money we earn this year I'm sure we can afford at least one. Every time I see Crouch I think he fits the bill 100%. So we forget that we ever sold him for next to nothing and pay what he costs. Let's see Randy Lerner really show that he wants us to go places.

        It's not going to get easier when clubs like Man City can buy their way into "the top four", so now is the time to make sure we have a squad that at least has a chance of doing so.