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  • Right….this is the problem as I see it. We do not score enough goals! We have only scored 37 goals in 27 games, and 10 of them have come in two games against Burnley and Bolton. And now for the painful bit…in 7 of those 27 games we haven’t scored at all. I know we have the meanest defence but 0-0 draws are not going to get 4th place. Added to all this in 11 games we have only scored one goal. This is not a recipe for Champions League qualification, let’s be honest. So, I think it is time to be realistic. If by some miracle we qualified, we’d get ‘eaten alive’ with our goal record, if we didn’t invest heavily. Realistically, the other teams going for 4th are stronger in my opinion. Our top scorer is not going to the world cup because he isn’t a top class finisher (as much as I love him).

    I agree with PG and others who have mentioned it…we need strikers….but then again doesn’t everyone with the exception of a few? Oh well I’m putting my calculator away now, but before I go my prediction….6th….ouch that hurt.


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    • All very true Dan but they don't grow on trees.

      Goal scorers and top quality play makers are the hardest to get and a such, they command the biggest prices.

      Having said that. Are they trying hard enough to bring in more quality up front. Gabby looks tired and Hesksey & Carew are good at being supportive battering rams...........They are not 20 goal plus strikers.

      We have not fallen away like we did from last Christmas but 4th is slipping ever further away. The Reading game was a case of how far Villa have slipped.....................Cracking game but Villa looked like the lower team defending like lions, throwing any body part into the fray.

      Nothing wrong with the players attitude and commitment...........But the cracks of lack of depth is still showing.

      But at least we are still fighting for Europe on the pitch and not for survival via the courts, ala Pompy etc

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      • The main problem is clear and MoN has to convince Randy to cough up.

        We can't just ignore it, and if we don't use the cash we've earnt in a (financially) successful year like this to get a top goal scorer or two then we will never be able to last a whole season without slipping as we have done last season and are threatening to do this season.

        I don't know where the right players are or what they would cost but we have to find somebody to put it in the net!