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  • probablygraham probablygraham Apr 11, 2010 01:53 Flag

    Robbed again

    Who's your father, who's your father
    Who's your father, referee?
    You ain't got one. You're a bastard
    You're a bastard referee.

    We're still missing a striker but if we get robbed by the ref what are we supposed to do?

    We can be proud of that performance, despite the result.

    Villa forever.

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    • we have been the recipient of webb's incompetence,or cowardice more than once.......he is a disgrace....useless and spineless
      ....yet they tout him as england'as top ref....oh my god !!!!

    • Great performance really....battled well until we ran out of steam. Still lack that cutting edge though which showed by the number of attempts on goal. Ash looks low on confidence to me....when taking people on and crossing he rarely beat the first man with either. He isn't going to be on the plane to SA

      Still proud.


    • well a little time to reflect and i conclude that,

      1 deco should probably gone for 2 yellows for continuous fouling.

      2 john terry straight red.

      3 gabby, penalty award. even if his remonstrations made him look daft.

      4 howard webb is a complete cheating bas tard.

      these things would have made a difference, but what the hell.
      am i a bad loser no, am i proud of what the team and manager achieved yesterday, yes very, would i care if howard webb was killed in some way today,? no but i would not want anyone else to get hurt as a result. this incompetent fool should be removed.

      vileman im sorry that you day was spoiled but i hope that the 3 of you still enjoyed the occasion

      Villa 'til i die

    • it was funny seeing gabby doing the Wenger!

      • 1 Reply to WARNDON ZULU
      • tell u wot warndon zulu, first of all mate you come across an inbred halfwit: lviing in a tosshole section of worcester, some 30 miles from St. Andrews. I put it to you that you have only been supporting the club in voice since 1998. Did you even go to FA Cup vs Altincham or Kiddy? Second warndon zulu, for you to continuosly berate the most successful club in the midlands on these messge boards just sums up how sad you and your pitiful little football club is. Furthermore in real life you are probably a nuffin. Face it in your BCFC history, fomed 1 year after we the Villa enlightened you lot, all you have is 1 star player - Trev Francis, who was a failure as your own club's manager. So warndon tosspot, do everyone on this board a favour yes and subscribe to Sky TV for once in your life instead of talking bollox on our message boards.

        on to the match...two things i think are clear. firstly Villa do not have a Withe or a Laursen. I want O'Neill as boss but surely now after this season he has to invest in a top quality goal getter. That was the initial difference in the match and i was so surprised that Carew did not have any real efffect, he is supposed to be a world class striker. He could be a Withe but in the big games for club he has nbot done it. Carew can do it as we have seen in his intenational form

        Come on MON, Villa supporters love you, the game plan, the defence, the midfeid is sorted - buy anotehr torres OK and we will show the likes of ITV that AVFC are a class footbal club.

        Final word, I will admit i wateched the game on ITV. I have to admit i thought there were far to many cheap shots in the initial up..in particular the MON interview by that ever growing numpty Gabriel Clark. Steve Ryder went down in my esitamtion as well, with his pre-match bias, but thankfully ANDY TOWNSEND was there to fly the Villa flag for us in commentary.

        proud of you today lads, UP THE VILLA