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  • DEREK W DEREK W Apr 12, 2010 18:06 Flag

    i am a spurs supporter

    i can empathise with you after yesterdays fiasco....we both got shafted by incompetent,or bent,referees.....their appalling decisions changed the whole game....

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    • Derek - we're agreed on the fact that something's very wrong. I read the Bolton match report and was extremely p***ed off to see that Chelsea look like they got away with it again.
      The point I'm making is that MoN can shout as loud as he likes and nothing will change. He has to get his mind back on trying to finish ahead of you lot :o)

    • not a lot wrong with your summary there dereck.

      just amazes me that after watching a few games over the weekend, i saw three almost identical penaties, 1 against you, given. 1 against birmingham, given. yet the most blatent 1, against chelsea, not given.
      i dont know any of the wan kers in person but i would like to bet that all 3 referees live in much bigger houses than thier incomes justify.

      1 last point on the subject of wan kers. i thought that making them proffessional was supposed to improve thier ability to officiate. NOT.

      finally i feel that you and ourselves will have to settle now for 5th & 6th , let battle commence.

      villa 'til i die.