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    penalty..my two peneth wotth

    Was it a penalty?

    For me, it was.............And here is why.

    Did the tackler get the ball?..............Yes

    Did he put the ball out of play or beyond the attacker (had he stayed on his feet?)....No

    If the tackler had not (a fraction after getting the ball) taken the attacker down, would he have still been able to get to the ball and attack the goal?.................IMO, yes,as the defender actually only moved the ball slightly, and towards the goal more.

    I'm interested to see if anyone agrees on this board. If so, great, if not no worries. But i'm sure we all agree that.........even if it wasn't a penalty.....it was in know way a disgraceful decision (as certain players/managers have said) as it was incerdibly close to call, in a highly charged game

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    • I agree, Roy, but I don't know exactly how much of the decision is down to the ref's discretion and how much is actually laid down as "law".

      I said before that I'm sure that there isn't a rule that says "as long as the tackler touches the ball first it is not a penalty". However, that's what everyone is saying. If there is such a law then it wasn't a penalty.

      IMO what is important is whether the attacker is disadvantaged by being brought down by the tackle, and I think you are right.

      I'm sure the Bluenoses would see it that way if the penalty had been against us.

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      • Probably right probably Graham. Look at the Inter red card V barca. Not a hard touch on the Barca players face but the ref said "Red" as it was in the rule book. (Not helped by the guy rolling around like he had been hit with a baseball bat, whilst peeking between his fingers to see if the ref is buying it!!).......................................But at least he made sure he deserved a Red, by attempting to throttle the player on his way off the pitch...LOL!

    • Spot on Roy (pun intended).....especially the last paragraph where you rightly point out that so often the reaction of manager's and player's alike is to scandalise and sensationalise a decision that has gone against them. Dare I say it...even MON is sometimes guilty of this....and I guess we all are from time to time as fans. Clearly emotions take over and a mist descends clouding judgement. I see our cousins are getting done by the FA for various things that went on.....IMO this is an over reaction too. The game is over....let it go.

      Anyway your considered opinion has restored some balance in my view.