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  • We feared it was a bridge too far..............And to be honest.

    The minute they awarded O'Neill the manager of the month award.................It's always the kiss of death!

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    • at least we gave it a go, on another day we could've sneaked it.

      Effectively playing with 10 men with that lazy no good for nothing downing.

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      • I thought the team did a good job after such a hard season.
        But for 5 minutes of silliness we had enough chances to win it.
        Once Spurs got their goal I stopped believing in miracles anyway.

        Not sure about Downing, but I would like to see Carew working harder. With his skill if he was to work as hard as Gabby and Ashley he could be something special. He was a bit unlucky not to get another, but I want to see him fight.

        It's hard not to be disappointed at what got away from us this season, but just look at how much the squads of the teams we were mixing it with must be worth. Looking at it that way, we've worked miracles.

        So it's up to Randy to cough up. There's no excuse any more. We all know what we need in order to make Villa a cup winning top four team.