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  • scoobyrunner scoobyrunner May 6, 2010 05:49 Flag

    Nice one Barry

    hahahaha moving to Man City for champions league football. You gonna move on again then Mr Barry?

    Nice one Spurs.

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    • I didn't wish the injury upon him honest. I genuinely wanted him at the world cup. 4 weeks out, I don't think we should take him tbh.

      His form hasn't been anything special this season and maybe this is a blessing in disguise as maybe Capello will use Huddlestone or Parker, both of whom have had fantastic seasons. Try them out in the friendlies Mr. Capello.

    • I'm really happy that Spurs did it. A team that (a bit like Villa) did it without having billions in the bank.
      I'm really happy for our 'arry too. He's deserved success just for working so hard. One of a dying breed.

      I still can't make up my mind about Barry and whether I actually enjoy the fact that he's not got what he expected (except in the bank). What I do know is that he was a brilliant player at Villa Park and is a totally average player at City, and that's bad for us (because we lost him) and bad for England (because he made England look like a good team when he got a few games).

      It would really make my day if we managed to get 5th place on Saturday just to rub it in. I watched the City-Spurs match and we played better than Spurs but didn't get the result.