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  • probablygraham probablygraham May 14, 2010 21:31 Flag

    How do you rate the players?

    Just wondered how everyone else rates the team.
    Not really a question of rating the squad because it's only about 11 and a half players.
    Here are my thoughts:

    Friedel (and Guzan for penalties) - world class.

    Cuellar - Solid and good up front too.
    Collins - Solid but not that skilled
    Dunne - very suspect. Seems to panic/sleep and looks knackered after 20 minutes.
    Warnock - average.
    I wouldn't think of getting rid of Luke Young while the defence is so shaky.

    Milner - world class. Skilled and untiring. We mustn't lose him.
    Petrov - has certainly improved since Barry left, but MoN thinks more of him than I do. Often passes back instead of going forwards, and couldn't hit a barn door with a shovel.
    Ashley Young - can get past anyone but seems to have forgotten how to cross the ball. MoN has to find out what went wrong and fix it. I don't like his habit of committing little fouls and then making so much of it when he gets fouled. A player of his quality doesn't need it (see Gabby).
    Downing - average.
    Sidwell - I'm not sure he was given the chance to show what he can do. MoN wants to get rid of him but I think he could be a lot better if he was given more of a chance to fit in.

    Carew - has lost everything he had. A big bloke who should be making it count. Seems to be permanently injured or uninterested or lazy or simply lacking confidence. Can't work it out.
    Agbonlahor - still an incredibly fast and skillful player. Needs someone to help him out up front. I think he's just exhausted. Has to stop making a meal of it every time he gets fouled.
    Delfouneso - I think he should have played every game where Heskey played. He's either going to make it if he gets match practice or he's not. No point in playing him for a few minutes every few matches. You'll never know if he can make it or not.
    Heskey - he gets a lot of free kicks for us and that's it.

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    • Well PG I can't argue with most of your analysis....except for perhaps just a few.

      Warnock - I quite like him really.
      Cuellar - never a Right Back for a top four side...stick him in the centre.
      Carew - I feel he has suffered because of Heskey's arrival being in and out of the side. The big man needs believing in and stoking up!

      Anyway...nice one PG