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  • Villaman Villaman May 22, 2010 01:20 Flag

    Only £20 million for Milner?

    I may be an opinionated git, and I do ttalk sense now and again. It seems it was my view of the Barry situation last summer that got most people offside. Hohum

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    • Vileman - taking my agreement as a sign that you talk sense is a very stupid thing to do. I speak a load of bollix, and that's ALL the time :-)

      Things did get a bit out of hand in here when Barry decided to go for the big bucks and there was a lot of calling each other things that no Villa fan should ever call another Villa fan. We all love this club, and if we're real fans we're in it for life.

      We've all seen great players come and go and I personally never hold a grudge against them: Their careers are so short and they have to set themselves up for life in a few years. I still can't really work out whether I'm happy to see Barry playing so badly nowadays. It's a waste, like Dwight Yorke and Mark Bosnich, and he never got to play in the Champions League after all, so in a way I feel sorry for the bloke.

      Anyway, we don't have to agree on stuff, and I enjoy a good argument, so let's just agree that we all want the best for the club.