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    that's it folks.... mourinho has proved himself to be the master and abramovich must be kicking himself.. what an amazing trophy haul and only 47 years old! six domestic titles in three different leagues... back-to-back titles in three different leagues, three european cups, numerous domestic cups... the man is a genius.. add to that the fact that his interviews are much better than the boring garbage the likes of fat pie-eater benitez and other bore premiership managers feed us week in, week out.. he is destined to be back in the league that he loves, here in england.. let's all just hope it isn't the mancs he decides to grace with his winning ways... obrigado friends and all hail the master.. obrigado!!!

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    • Exactly what that has to do with Aston Villa you don't say.

      You have to remember that all you are is just some sad little tosser who uploaded a photo of Larry Grayson and posted the odd extract from some internet site.

      Please do it somewhere else. We're not interested.

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      • oooooooooh pg, now you is going to suffer the wrath of mr pompomball.

        personally i think the cut and paste king of Prem L sites has too much time on his ickle hands, may be thats because jose m has left the country and he only has pics to ogle instead of stalking the man in person, thats if his dole money ever stretched to bus fare to the bridge.

        oh well must grab a few more rays before work, lol

        villa 'til i die.